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Looking for PAs who own/owned practices in Washington State

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I would love to hear from any PAs who have owned or own a clinic/practice in Washington state.


My goal is to investigate opening a walk-in minor care cash clinic.


Advise, experience, pitfalls, references would be greatly appreciated.



You can see my videos posted somewhere here about my experience in opening a clinic in Washington state.  Being cash only, makes it much, much easier . . . except for marketing. You have to find a way to bring in the patients, who are used to paying only a small co-pay. That is the biggest challenge. Also, related, competition. I almost opened an urgent care, but a NP friend beat me to it. However, she went bankrupt with the local hospital (in retaliation) opened up their own-ER connected, urgent care. The hospital had better hours, better service for the same co-pay. She could not compete. 

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