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Returning to acupuncture practice post-PA school

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I'm looking for perspectives on the feasibility of returning to my current acupuncture practice with the addition of the California P.A. license, were I to be admitted to P.A. school (I have an application in the queue).


Without hesitation I can say that I'd like the additional training, scope, etc. of a P.A., but it has to be a sound decision for me financially, logistically etc. as I am 47 and so will have only 15-20 years left in the workforce to make up for the tuition and lost earnings.


I am happy in many ways with my current acupuncture private practice, specializing in sports, orthopedics, & PM&R, 50% physician referrals & 50% self-referred. My business has averaged $75-80k/year for the last 5 years, pretty much maxed out in my competitive locale, and no benefits, PTO, retirement etc. except what I pay for myself.


Thinking of hiring another acupuncturist to run my practice on a fee split basis while in school, then return to my practice with added PA training/scope etc. and find/hire a physician supervisor (I have several candidates already) and practice integrative medicine with the scopes of both licenses. Any one out there who's already done this? Any perspectives, experience, advice to share? Much appreciated! :;-D:

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I'm assuming you've done all the research ahead of time, and I'm only entering PA school this summer, so take this for what it's worth:


It doesn't sound like you want to be a PA. It doesn't sound like being a PA is the right thing for you to do.


Again, you may have soul-searched and done your research, but that's my take on what you've said so far.


You own a business doing acupuncture (which, if I'm correct, does not fit into the biomedical science model of medicine you will study as a PA). You are 47, and likely looking at retirement, but you want to add on thousands of dollars worth of debt in order to get a license that would pay probably ~$100,000 at best. (Ok, you can get more if you play your cards right, but probably not with the business model you're looking at) You then want toy hire a physician to supervise you so that you can practice?


Again, I'm not too experienced with the business side of being a PA, but in my time shadowing and speaking with PAs, I have never heard of such a business model. Maybe if you started out as a PA, you could have acceptably fallen into a practice like you're speaking about. But, I doubt this is the route you're looking for.

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