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  1. I'm a soon-to-be new graduate. I'm preparing for my first interview and I wanted to be prepared with information should they begin negotiating salary with me. I'm planning to work around the Austin area. I've understood this area to be relatively saturated, so applying averages doesn't seem like it would help. Regardless, I feel if I have some good data, it'll come down to who will accept the lowest pay. Looking at the latest AAPA report for Texas, I would expect to negotiate around $85k and be bumped down into the lower 80's (based on Primary Care respondents with <4 years of experience). This is a larger group, and the data suggests that would be reasonable, but I don't want to oversale my hand. Is there any other data available? One of the flaws I could see with using AAPA is that they're based on voluntary responses (if I recall) so there's a bias in the data.
  2. I've heard of rural areas offering big bucks to new grads and a lot of benefits, but that offer sounds like a dream coming from someone about to graduate. With that said, and like everyone else has said, I would REALLY look into what kind of load they're expecting you to take and whether you're going to have good mentoring. That's a big deal for me personally because I know I'll need good teaching in the beginning and I've been told that some starting jobs are just too overwhelming for starting PAs. If you have one or two good Physicians on hand to walk you through, this looks like a great job.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had experience or knows someone who has had experience in the PHSC. On paper, they look like a great opportunity, especially if there are jobs available in the area you want. However, I'm concerned that they may have more control over my career than would be ideal (where I work, what environment, how long, etc.). It seems like a good opportunity for a new grad, but I'm just not 100%.
  4. Really? I'm just a student and I thought two weeks was the standard. That CME/Extra week swap is interesting. The extra week might be worth it.
  5. I agree with the above, negotiate what you think is fair and walk if they don't give it. Mom and pop places like this probably are more flexible with things and willing to lowball more often. What I'd try is: 2 Weeks PTO, at least 5 days sick leave. 5 days CME, $1500 stipend for it. Malpractice Health No competition clause Remove #6 92k Base Realize how much benefits are worth. Not covering health insurance can pull 2-3k out of your pocket a year; Not covering malpractice is similar. 4 less days PTO is nearly $1300 lost for you. No CME could dock you another 500-1500 that you could get elsewhere. So, with a base of 90k without those 4 days, without additional sickleave, without CME, is closer to 84k and they seem like they're going to be stressful to work with.
  6. Assuming the staff is to believed, it sounds like you'd be making about what you are currently. What's your concern?
  7. I've heard about clinics like this in the Valley in Texas. Clinicians bragged about seeing 70-100 patients a day. They made tons of money, clinicians and clinics alike. There obviously was a huge need in the area, but I seriously doubt a patient, who's likely getting about a maximum of 5 minutes of time with a clinician, is getting quality treatment. Faculty strongly discourage us from going this route for a myriad of reasons, but my understanding is that you'd only take a job like this for the money. There are plenty of options to help people (at least in Texas) and not see 50+ patients a day, but they don't pay as well.
  8. I was under the impression that EMEDPA and Medic207 were pretty experienced PAs
  9. I want to say that this thread has been a great example of what I've been looking for as a student. I feel like negotiating is something I'm not going to be use to and I've seen a lot of examples on the board of new grads being low balled. Seeing how these circumstances are being handled is a huge help!
  10. Congrats all around! One thing our class did was make a facebook page to get people in touch with each other. Some people found room mates this way and the upper class had members give advice and keep people updated before the year started. Just a suggestion!
  11. When we interviewed, it was MMI. It really works out because you get a clean slate for each interview and you don't have to worry about getting "that interviewer." I think most of us enjoyed it, and I think it can work to your advantage if you play to it.
  12. I applied to 4, interviewed at 2 and was accepted at 1. Knowing each program very well (what they consisted of and their philosophies) really helped!
  13. The hardest part is the wait before the interview! Once you've submitted, just breathe. I didn't get my invite until January and I was accepted within three days! My best advice is to get a strong feel for each program you apply to. I personally didn't go to open houses, but that was really for lack of ability than anything else; I imagine it would have helped! But, I did thoroughly research each university's philosophy and program, and I spoke with a representative from most universities. Just breathe!
  14. Undergrad Ed School: Texas A&M University Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.19 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.0 Graduate Ed School: NA Cumulative Graduate GPA: NA Science Graduate GPA: NA Age at application time : 21 1st GRE: 1280 (4.5 Writing, 710 Math, 570 Verbal) 2nd GRE: NA Direct Patient Care : 36 hours (Clinic volunteer) Volunteer: ~600 Hours Extracurricular/Research Activities: Student Organization Officer (Public Relations), First Responder Volunteer (BLS) Schools Applied: University of Texas- Southwestern University of Texas- Pan American University of Texas Medical Branch University of Texas Health Science Center- San Antonio University of North Texas Application Submitted Date: July Schools Received Application Date: July (Some September for Supplementals) Interview Invites: 2 Withdrew Application: 1 (UTPA) Waitlisted: 0 Accepted: 1
  15. My clinic lost my records for old immunizations, but an old school nurse had them. You could try contacting your old schools.
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