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Reg: caspa fees

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If you submit your application before sept 1st (of any year) it is cheaper for each school. After the first it is more expensive. I dont remember the exact fees but heres an example:


School A: (prior to 9/1) $40

School B: (prior to 9/1) $40


In this ex you designated to 2 programs before 9/1... totaling 80.


School A: (prior to 9/1) $40

School B: (dec 12) $50


In this ex you designated to one program before 9/1 but then later you added another program.. totaling 90



You select the schools you want to apply to. Once you finish you app you "submit" and then it goes to CASPA for GPA calc, verification, and finally to be sent to the programs. You can always go back later and add more programs until the cycle closes in March.


I submitted to 8 schools in july. Then I added one school in November, so I paid more for that school than I would have if I would have done it earlier.

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