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How difficult is it to get a job in Canada after graduating from a U.S. school?

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Yes they do...you just need to write the national certification exam here.  Most job applications you see will have for educational standards "Aproved Canadian or US PA program".  It's one way reciprocity we started here to get more numbers and to bring back ex-pats trained in the US.


Having said that, there are only a few provinces that use PA's thus far - Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick.  If you don't like snow, you're outa luck there.



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Agreed with the above post, and in addition, the job listings are few. In Ontario, there are only a handful, usually concentrated around the GTA.


- The salaries average $85,000 annually more or less.

- Restrictions of the Public Health Care System

- Law and regulations are not yet catered to MD-PA partnerships

- Billing is an issue for MDs hiring PAs. PAs do not yet have their own billing number


Also, in the province of Ontario at least, PAs are neither regulated or licensed professional at this time. There are significant legal and professional limitations as a result


Manitoba is more advanced in there regards

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