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Wait before applying again?

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I am 23 years old, have a bachelor's of science in biology, and I applied to the 2012 cycle. I didn't apply to many schools for financial reasons this time, and I applied very close to the deadline. I didn't get an interview this time and the feed-back that I received was that I need more patient care experience and volunteer experience. At the time of the application I had 1500 hours as a medical assistant, but no volunteer hours (idiocy on my part). My question is, since by the time I will apply again I will have around 3000 hours as a medical assistant and around 500 hours as a volunteer, should I apply next year or should I wait another year and achieve more hours volunteering and working?


I am also planning on taking neurobiology, medical anthropology, and other science classes.


Thank you for your input!

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My overall GPA was calculated by CASPA to be a 3.49 with a science GPA of 3.4. This is good but I think I can take some more science classes and pull it up a little. I'm really just taking the classes for fun but that will be a benefit. I applied to the University of New Mexico and a few others. My GRE score left a lot to be desired, but an advisor I talked to at UNM said they don't even look at the score. I know this time I need to apply to many more schools, but it wasn't possible last year.

Thank you for your help.

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* Apply early in the cycle. June is good.

* Apply to schools where you are a good match.

* Improve your HCE. Ignore the volunteer bit--focus on paid, certified, direct patient care experience. Volunteer only if you find something you're passionate about doing.

* Improve your sGPA by taking relevant science classes and getting 4.0's in them. This should also improve your cGPA a bit.... pushing it over the top into 3.50 range would be a good idea.

* Retake the GRE if you're <1000

* And be sure to apply early in the cycle


... and there you go! No guarantees, but those should help improve your numbers such that you get interviews!

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