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Is there a point in applying now?

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Currently a junior in college right now and decided last summer that PA is what I wanted to do so I began to work on my application. Because I started halfway through college I assumed that my first time applying would be the summer after I graduate. However, it turns out that I can actually apply this coming summer but I barely meet the minimum requirements. By this June I'll have:


- 150-200 hours as a volunteer special event emt ( I'll be paid ems on an ambulance next fall)

- 40 hours shadowing,

- undergrad gpa 3.7

- science gpa undetermined. Its currently a 4.0 but I've only taken bio 1 and 2. If I pack on more classes the next 3 semesters and take summer courses I'll only have one outstanding pre-req when I graduate (so that means I can only go to programs that start in the fall)

- GRE haven't studied for it yet but I'm gonna study hard if I apply. 

-  Really good extracurriculars that I'm hoping will help me.  


Haven't even begun to work on my essays and personal statements. Is it worth it to even try applying/pay all the application fees if its likely I won't get in? Or should I wait, work more as an emt, spread out my classes, focus on my extracurriculars and then apply? 



I want to do it now but I question if the stress of trying to finish everything by summer is worth it. I really appreciate any help.

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CASPA asks for the hours you have worked, not will work. Some supplementals may ask for updated hours. But, you have more than just HCE to worry about. With just bio 1 & 2 you haven't shown adcoms you are able to do the work. You asked for advice, mine is to wait. Others may chime in differently, but 'what ifs' won't change my opinion. However, ultimately, do what you want. I just think you'll throw the money away this upcoming cycle.

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So you're asking if you should apply when the 2016 cycle opens?  In 4 months?  But you have essentially all pre-reqs to complete and no current HCE?


As far as projecting hours - usually CASPA will let you project up to the completion of your app - or some schools will do up to their deadline (Sept 1, Oct 1, etc) - but not to the START of a program.  So if you don't start EMS until the fall you will have very little HCE.  Based on this alone I would suggest waiting a cycle.  Factor in all the rest of it - unknown grades on pre-reqs, barely meeting minimums, etc - and I absolutely agree that you should wait.  


Sure, you can attempt to apply but based on what you've told us here, I wouldn't say you should start packing your bags.  Your extracurriculars are the only possible stand out feature but I'm not sure how much those really weigh on an application.  Wait a cycle, have all your ducks in a row, be a great applicant the first time, and you'll be able to apply to more schools since you will be able to start a program any time of the year (some start in January and you could apply 2017 and start Jan 2018 at the earliest if timing is a concern for you).  


Plus, in all honesty, taking a year to work, be a 'real person' in the world will really be a nice break.  If you have to really push this year to get all your pre-reqs done (ochem, biochem, anatomy, etc!) and then go into your PA didactic year, you will be exhausted.  Take the break.  I promise you won't regret it.

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