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Would a required internship count as HCE?

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In my major, if you have a certain concentration, a 400 hour internship is required at an approved site. This past semester, I completed my internship and I'm wondering if it can be counted as "hands on healthcare experience."


I did my internship in inpatient & outpatient rehab and cardiac rehab.


List of things I did:


Checked blood pressures

Put on heart monitors

Helped patients do their exercises

In inpatient sometimes a therapist would tell me to go to a patients room and do specific exercises for 20 minutes or so then ask them what their pain level was.

In out patient I would also go through exercises with a patient if a therapist was busy


Can I count this as HCE?


My only worry is that this internship was technically a class I had to take and I got 6 hours of credit for it. I don't know how schools feel about that.

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Many schools will accept student experience as HCE. Some schools however, do not. It should say on their website whether they will accept it. I got most of my hours as a student athletic trainer and was able to apply to 10 schools and could've to more. Just check with the schools you are interested in.



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