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Is getting into NP really a joke?

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So after reading some sdn forums it seems like getting into some NP schools is a complete joke. I know some PA schools are "easier" to get into but even these schools have low acceptance rates and (less than 15%) and deff would NOT accept just anyone.


I've met some intelligent NPs that are just as capable as the PAs they worked with. I also know that there are some very good NP schools out there (like the Ivy league ones). But is it true that the easy/online NP schools are a TOTAL joke to get into?


The sdn posters were talking about how someone who failed med school could "EASILY" get into a low ranked NP school. For PA that is not the case because I know most PA schools (even the lowest ranked ones) would pretty much dump any app that failed out of med school. Do yall really think an NP school would accept someone that had a hard time/failed in the first two years of med school?

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So this isn't SDN, and I don't see how we benefit from trashing other professions just based on rumors an innuendo there, so I'm closing the thread.  If we want to talk about NP vs. PA in terms of actual articles or studies that contribute to a discussion of safety, pay, autonomy, or the like, then by all means let's discuss that.  But no butthurt SDN rumormongering, please.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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