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Loch haven interview

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Hey everyone,


I have my first interview on Wednesday the 14th. I was wondering if you guys could give me some tips and if you know of any questions I should be expecting to hear? I read through the entire interview tips thread and it is mostly about how to dress for the interview which is something I already know. I'm more concerned about the content of the interview that with the dress. Has anyone interviewed at Loch Haven? Any suggestions?

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I suspect no one will be willing to tell you what questions were asked during their interview. Besides, admissions committee members can smell a fake a mile away.


Don't worry about giving the "right" answers; focus on giving honest answers to the questions posed to you. You will never go wrong with this approach.

An interview is designed to catch you off guard, to see what you're made of. Just go into it expecting to have a good time, prepared to answer the questions honestly.


Good luck to you.

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