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Good morning everyone,



My name is Josh - I'm currently looking down a path to becoming a PA and was wondering where I should finish my pre-reqs.


I've gotten into both a Community College and The University of Pennsylvania's PostBacc program... through a brief look through of the forums I hadn't found a discussion on this.


If I missed one - please link me to it etc.


A little introduction of myself:

Army Veteran

BS From Drexel University

Work as a Tech in a local Emergency Department in Philadelphia...


Been kind of a long journey to this decision... but I'm here and looking for some input!





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Unless there is a specific school you've got your heart set on that has told you they won't take CC credits, don't waste your money on the post-bacc. I did both - I was in Loyola's post-bacc program spending a million $$ per credit hour. Then they didn't have a class I really needed available when I needed it and I was forced to take it at a CC. Best thing that ever happened to me. I switched over. None of my schools cared, not even a tiny bit, and I regret every cent I wasted taking the pre-reqs I did at Loyola.


Could've saved that money or bought myself a new car for clinicals. Or an island in the Caribbean.


Most schools love community.

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If you don't mind me asking - who did you apply too?

Northwestern, Rush, Rosalind Franklin, and Midwestern DG. I'm a Chicago girl.


I had a rather extensive academic interview at NU in which they combed through my transcript looking for lice... they didn't bat an eye at the community credits. I only point that out because if any school was going to care about community college, it would have been the one with a separate interview to analyze my grades and school records.

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It all depends on the school you want to apply to, so do your homework first.


I got my AA at a community college and now I'm working on my Bachelors at a four year state university.

I wish I had done more of my pre-reqs at the cc because the credits are like half of the cost.

The 4 year university which I currently attend do not allow their Biology majors to go back and take courses at the community college (well not if you want them to give you credit for them)

Which stinks because the school I wish to apply to does not care where you do your pre-reqs!

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