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PA Position Available in San Marcos, TX

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A medical consulting firm located in San Marcos, TX has positions available for Physician's Assistants for medical case review. Job description is as follows:


Job Summary

The primary function of a Case Reviewer is to review and analyze medical records for pre-authorization and IRO determinations. After analyzing provided medical records, case reviewers must create a professional report that includes a summary, appropriate criteria/guidelines, and a conclusion statement. Case reviewers are responsible for amending their reports with any additional information provided. Case reviewers are required to maintain an average daily case load of 25-30 cases per day.

Essential Job Functions

1. Interpret and apply appropriate guidelines to pre-authorizations, IRO requests, disability requests, etc.

2. Dictate all report information to be transcribed by our transcription department

3. Create a high-quality, professional report free from grammar or spelling errors

4. Perform a low to moderate amount of research on a case by case basis

5. Reach and maintain a 25-30 average case load per day

Minimum Requirements

1. Physician’s Assistant with current licensure, preferrably Texas license, speciality in Orthopedics or Pain Management.

2. Demonstrate ability to type at least 45 wpm (as proven by a typing test)

3. Familiarity with Microsoft Office 2003 (or more recent)

4. Ability to dictate reports is a plus; maintain an active license durning employment

5. Support others in a team environment

6. Observe and respect the organizational flow of the office

7. Sign and abide by the confidentiality agreement and Employee Handbook

Skill Assessment Requirements

1. Physician Assistance, Based on experience

2. Healthcare Industry Terminology

3. Medical Records Legal Issues

4. Medical Terminology






[TD=class: detailfirsttd][/TD]

[TD] USD 70000 - 82000 Per Year





This is an administrative position in a growing but largely employee-oriented firm in San Marcos. This position is being filled by Sedona Staffing; if you are interested, please reply to this thread or email me at sstamets@sedonagroup.com. Thanks for looking!

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Better ask their "owners" for permission before talking to them...

Skill Assessment Requirements

1.Physician Assistance, Based on experience

2.Healthcare Industry Terminology

3.Medical Records Legal Issues

4.Medical Terminology



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Salary seems low, too (especially considering TX salaries are among the highest in the nation, statistically).


I do agree that the salary is a bit low, though I am not in charge of that since we handle the staffing for the company only. However, their logic behind that pay rate is that the work schedule, which is Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm, compensates. As well, statistically, the cost of living in San Marcos is much lower than in most other cities in the country or state.

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