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Hey everyone! Rate my stats! Please!

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I just want to know where I stand and if I stand a chance of getting accepted to PA school, and what I should do to improve.


Gpa: 3.4

Science gpa: 3.3

I have 3000 hours of cna experience, 500 hours of volunteering at a hospital and am certified in CPR and first aid.

I have letters from my employer at my job, a PA and 2 of my professors.

I have not taken the gre yet.

Classes I've taken are:

General chemistry


Human physiology




Developmental psychology

Organic chemistry.


What are my chances?

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There is actually a thread that is just the stats of those accepted and another for those applying.  Take a look and compare yourself to your peers.  Your GPAs look alright, but what are the grades for your prereqs?  If you received straight A's in Medieval French Lit with a minor in theoretical theatrics, your GPA may be great, but those aren't the classes PA schools care about.  There are hundreds of threads on this 17 year old website for you to peruse and get great information.  Take a look.


Oh, your thread title: this isn't hot-or-not. No one's here to "rate" you.  

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