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Could you post your stats, please :)

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MUSC is my #1 choice and I'd love to see your stats if you are student now or if you've been accepted.


I'm wondering how my stats compare (I don't really think I have a chance!) I'm sure it's highly competitive to even get an interview!


I'd really like to know your

Cummulative GPA

Science GPA


Prior med experience

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MUSC is also my first choice -- these are my stats -- think I have a chance?


GPA 3.55

Sci GPA 3.2

GRE 1320

Med experience: 5 years pharma rep, 3 years AE for lab, direct patient care about 500 hours in clinical research and volunteer projects in India and Africa

Master's Degree in Public Health

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Guest steppjm

Hi, I'm from SC and MUSC is my #1 pick too. I don't think I have a great chance of getting in this year, unless I do really well on the GRE--which I'm taking in June. I'll be a senior at USC in the fall, and here are my stats:


GPA 3.65

Science 3.2

and I'm starting to volunteer @ the hospital and shadow a PA in the next couple of weeks...for the rest of the summer/school year


Any advice??? I'm applying this summer/fall anyways, just to at least get my 'foot in the door' even if I don't get in anywhere.

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annabug: I am not a south carolina resident -- i am from RI but it sounds like that's not a big problem there. i am applying in their first cycle but that still puts a potential interview in late november -- months after others programs -- which is annoying.


steppjm: i don't know why you don't think you have a chance -- your grades are good and they are really focused on that. definitely get the hours together and you would be a good applicant.


good luck everyone!

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From reading MUSC's website they do seem to favor applicants that have lived and worked in SC, however, I don't know if that is how it works in real life. Also, they only look at the prerequisite GPA, which is not simply "cumulative" and "science". The prereqs are here Prerequisites


I believe my prereq GPA is around 3.25.

I take the GRE next month and I am shooting for around a 1200, which I think I can get based off of the practice tests I have done.

I have been working for 6 months as an EMT-b, although I do medical transport, not 911.


I am planning on doing a medical missions/relief work trip in a Spanish speaking country, and possibly taking a "Spanish for medical students" course offered at USC. I am trying to make myself into a good candidate, I know my GPA is not exceptional, but how good of a chance do you think I have?

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My stats are

overall GPA- 3.19

nonscience- 3.32

science- 3.13

GRE 1040

hours of experience- about 3000

1.5 yrs as certified athletic trainer/rehabilitation coordinator.


For the 2011 cycle I completed the CASPA mid June and all of the MUSC supporting materials a could weeks later. I haven't heard back.

Has anyone who is applying for the 2011 cycle heard back yet???



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I also submitted my application for early decision; although, I'm a GA resident so I don't really think I have a shot :-(.


Undergraduate: 3.63 at Georgia Tech

Post-baccalaureate: 4.13

Science: 3.23

GRE: 1220

Experience: 500 patient care as volunteer at a diabetes camp, 100 hours volunteering at hospital, and several shadowing experiences.


Good Luck everyone!! Keep us updated, tomorrow is the big due date!

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