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Victoria!! I found you :) I'm back in California now. (Just arrived this afternoon). I hope we hear good news soon!!


balexadra: The interview is relaxed and the students are very informative. The day started with check in, then we went on a tour and had lunch with first year students, then we had two one-on-one interviews, then we had a sample PBL session. I absolutely love the program at NU! I met some wonderful people at the interview and all the students and faculy are very friendly and informative.

Good luck!

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Hi everyone,


For those who received an email for interview, how long until after they have received your supplemental to receive your interview email? Does anyone of you know how often and until when they are conducting interview? I submitted my supplemental on 9/16. Northwestern is also my top choice as well so I'm anxiously waiting for an email!

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Hi odie07,


CASPA mailed 7/29/2011, Secondary was mid august I believe. I received an email to interview 9/13 for the 9/19 interview date. Got a call yesterday (10/6) that I was in! =)


Here are my stats:


Undergrad Ed School: Stetson University- Sociology Major

Graduate Ed School: University of Chicago- MA in Social Science

Cumulative GPA: 3.67

Science GPA: 3.78

GRE: 650V 680Q 4.0


Direct Patient Care : 1,200 hrs

Other Healthcare experience: 5,000 hrs + (I recruit patients for clinical trials so a lot of my job isn't "hands on" but is working with patients/PAs/nurses/Docs)


Extracurricular/Research Activities: 2000 + volunteer hrs at various places, 8 peer reviewed publications, 40+ poster presentations


Shadowing: 1000 + hrs (PA: 200, Nurse 300, Docs 500)


Letters: 1 nurse, 1 physician, 1 chair of the department of EM


Hope that is helpful!

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hi all,


did northwestern give any indication how many more interview sessions they would be holding? When i went for an information they said they were expecting around 2000 applications and were looking to interview less than 200.


I submitted CASPA in August and have already been accepted at another school (GWU) but fingers still crossed for NU!


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Jaaldana, I haven't heard anything and still havent received my offical letter. From my understanding they don't send rejection letters until Feb. Jim mentioned at some point during our day that they had only had to offer 64 spots to fill the 60 spots so I am assuming they dont really have a wait list either... Good luck with your other interviews! I will let you know if I hear anything else =)


Bastein, I submitted CASPA in July so they have not gotten to the August applicants yet. I think I was in the 2nd interview group so I am sure there will be more to come!

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