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  1. Last year they interviewed up until November. But this was when they took applicants from 2 CASPA cycles. Since they did not do the early cycle this year, it is plausible they will be doing less interview sessions.
  2. Unless they changed things from previous years, they will send out interview invites the first wednesday in October. They interview once a month and invite applicants around 3 weeks in advance.
  3. If you have 3 more science classes to take then work your *** off and get A's in them. Send the program an email saying that you know your science GPA is low, but you have 3 more classes to add to that. They will likely put your app on hold until they receive those grades, so hopefully you are taking at least 2 of them in the fall semester.
  4. The interviews are 2 days, both half days. Day 1 - presentation and city tour. Business casual. You then go to dinner with current students. Day 2 - formal interviews. If it's the same as last year, you have 2 1-on-1 interviews and a "meet n greet" with the Dean and another student or 2.
  5. You can't apply until the 2013-2014 CASPA cycle, which will open in April 2013. UNLESS South goes back to their old ways and opens up for admissions in December. Check back then.
  6. Rejections finally went out. Since classes start in 2 1/2 weeks, it's kind of obvious, but it's still nice to get a letter.
  7. Contact them, you could be waiting for months.
  8. My guess would be that they would treat it similar to taking pre-reqs at Community College, they might assume it is easier and thus, you should have better grades. That's just my guess. If you're taking online classes so that you can work full time, talk about that in your admissions essay. A negative would also be that online is also around your schedule, where as all PA programs you don't choose your schedule. So they might be worried that you won't do well with a standard schedule. Again, I can only guess.
  9. They look more at your GRE if you have a bad GPA, since you have a strong GPA they probably won't weigh it as much. Hopefully you have strong english grades in your high GPA.
  10. Another alternate update: I was just informed the class is full, but if people drop they will begin to notify people.
  11. I think 2 semesters of Biology is pretty standard, at least for every school I've looked at. It's annoying that every school has different pre-reqs, but the ones that are most consistent are 2 bio and 2 chem. You should look into taking 2nd semester bio at a community college or something.
  12. They mailed out rejections, regular mail. Says the class "has been selected".
  13. What that most likely means is they are not rejecting people until they know that their class is 100% full and that they have enough people to take their spots if someone drops before classes start. It's nice to hear "still reviewing", but at this point, if you have not received an interview yet, I wouldn't get your hopes up. It is unlikely they are still interviewing when classes start in about 6 weeks. I'm in the same boat, it sucks, but it's part of the PA school game. I've yet to be rejected from schools that have already started, it really sucks, but unfortunately it's how a lot of schools operate.
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