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New Grad ortho offer please help

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Just received an offer this morning for orthopedic PA in FL, split between clinic and OR. Call 1:10 


The job initially begins with training by the doc and his long-time PA for both clinic and surgery with a starting salary then a bump in salary after I am "proficient", which was not mentioned in the offer letter.


Offer reads:

Salary 80k with paid liability insurance

13 days PTO for first year, in 2nd year and up they include holidays.

$1500 plus 5 days PTO for CME 

Health insurance after 2 months of employment but doesn't start until the 1st of the following month


I have not received any contract to review, and I do not know if that is waiting until after I accept this offer to begin negotiations for other things like the updated salary, billing % and length of contract, etc.



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Kind of late responding to this, but maybe it can help someone else.


I have been working in ortho for few years in small town Virginia now here are some observations:


- Starting new grad in Ortho should be ~90K+ for an average 50hr work week, anything lower is 10 years behind the times. Forget the salary surveys, this is real.


- Practices will almost always want to pay a lower "training" salary and bump you up at 6 months.  Stick to your guns and negotiate your intended starting salary and then ask for a 6 month review with a guaranteed bump in pay in writing pending a satisfactory review.  This works, I've done it *think about it, they have already invested 6 months into you, do you think they will lose you so easily now?*  


- When negotiating map out with the administration/doc where you will be salary-wise by year 3.  This gives you an idea of salary advancement.  


- Always full malpractice coverage, no gimmicks, you want what the docs have.


- PTO should be ~20days + 5 days for CME for a total of ~25 (5 weeks)PTO


- CME should be on average around 2000.00


- On call pay should be at least your calculated hourly rate and rotation varies, I would be leery of anything less than 1:8 weekends. but it depends on providers.


- Most places will not allow for 401K contribution until after 1 year vested.


- Health and Dental right away or no way! 


- Bonus structures are nice, but have not seen them utilized much in ortho when the PA splits clinic and OR time. I have heard of PAs negotiating first assist fees - but rarely so.


- Some nice extras that exist include: cell phone bill stipend or fully covered, white coats provided, mileage for travel between practice locations, discounted local gym memberships, Flex spending accounts, etc.

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