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Hospitalist Interview Questions

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Hello all,


I am currently a student that will be graduating in December of this year. I have an interview with a large hospital in VA coming up in the next 2 weeks.


What questions should I ask during the interview? I have worked in Hospitalist medicine during my clinical year, but only with MD's so I am not sure what questions to ask about Hospitalist PA. Any and all questions you all can think of would be greatly appreciated. Also any advice you have about Hospitalist medicine would be appreciated.



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Average census

Admit only v. cross coverage v. both

Are you going to be the d/c monkey?



To what degree are the specialty guys/gals involved in the patient care (i.e. ortho/CTS etc.) and what aspects of their care are you expected to manage

PAs involved in any committees

Average length of stay for PAs at this facility


All I can think of off the top o' my head.  Good luck!

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