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  1. The offer is ok for new grad. I would ask for 5 percent more. They would probably agree. Asking never hurt anyone. If they don't have bonus structure, you won't have one either so asking for that is useless. Rather ask for more CME money if something.
  2. Where to begin. CME is low. Ask if it includes fees and dues, DeA. Registration for any conference cost $700-800. PTO is low but you are young so may not need sick time as much. Why training has to be so little. 300/day is $6000/month and after taxes you would be lucky if you have $3000 left. I dont know the cost of living in AZ but $3000 a month is way low. Who is in charge of collection? Do they show you all the books? Patients per day?
  3. For new grad 90-97 is reasonable for any surgery specialty. Here in Northeast at least.
  4. Sounds like an offer my friend got from Reading, PA Ortho group. They were very very busy group.
  5. No. I could not find any more reliable data. I just went with my gut
  6. I also live and work not too far from Philly. It is over saturated market. For new grad $87-90 is probably max especially with no call. I can tell that I am working in specialty now for 7 years in PA ( switched jobs several times to increase my salary) but I am still only at 110k. Obviously you have to look at benefits also. 401k contribution, medical. For no call in Ortho I think 87k is reasonable in saturated market like Philly. Trust me you will need switch jobs several times if you really want to increase salary in this saturated area.
  7. Hi, I am experienced PA in surgery (no IR experience) but trying to feel out IR field since i enjoy procedures. AAPA salary report is very inconsistent ( a lot of variation and small sample) with IR salaries. Any advice? I am also in kind of saturated market for PAs ( Northeast) so i know it wont be Texas like salaries. Any major Cons for IR position besides radiation exposure?
  8. Can we sign a petition to have NCCPA board reelected? Who is in charge of that?
  9. They claim in rebuttle that NCCPA is non-for profit
  10. What are your thoughts on this back and forth between JAAPA and NCCPA? Why does it sound like it is a done deal with NCCPA new exam change format? I still don't understand why is the reason for change. Minority wants more relavent test for their practice but it is minority. Why do we have to appease minority.
  11. I do wish you luck convincing hospital administrator to change the whole pay scale. I tried many times and failed. They always find excuses -" geographical differences". As long as you are replaceable ( l.e. attending willing to stand up for you), you won't get far.
  12. Sounds like very reasonable offer especially if you like rural family medicine. Where is that?
  13. I can tell you that in PA ( which also pretty saturated market) you salary is very comparable. Most spine PAs here start to max out at around 110k.
  14. I find myself is a little new situation. For the first time in my life even though I do "0" exemptions I still owe significant taxes to Uncle Sam due to significant increase in salaries of myself and my spouse. My question does anyone knows of ways besides stash all of the money into IRAs ( I still want to use money now and not in 30 years from now) to reduce gross taxable income.
  15. Anyone bought just tail insurance coverage when they were switching jobs? How do you find good reliable and cost effective company?
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