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Seeking Medical Mission

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Hello All,


I'm sure this has been addressed in previous posts, but I had no luck finding anything.

I've been a practicing PA for about a year now, and I've been looking for some medical missions that I could go on a couple times a year. Ideally the mission would not be associated with a religious or political group. I'm hoping to join a fun group that really wants to make a difference. Any recommendations?


Thanks for your time!




PS I work full time in trauma, and locum in urgent care


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If you are in or around Southern California a group called Healing Hearts Across Borders does weekend trips to Tijuana Mexico almost every month now. http://www.hhab.org/  They are associated with USC and UCSD so neither religious or political. Did work down there with them since 2008 before going off to PA school in Georgia. Looking forward to getting back to So Cal and working with them again.

Also,Flying Samaritans may be an option though I haven't done it myself so can't vouch for it. https://www.flyingsamaritans.net/web/Sams/default.asp

Let us know what mission trip you end up going on. Good luck!

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