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Second degree GPA

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I was a frequent user of this forum about a year ago, long story short......a lot has went on and now PA is back in my thought process.


I applied in the 2013-2014 cycle to two schools and surprisingly had 1 interview, but was wait listed. I didn't receive an invite to the other school. My GPA was almost the bare minimum..it was around a 3.01 I believe when CASPA calculated it (it was actually slightly higher because I retook courses but CASPA averages them), my science GPA was even lower. I had around 1,000+ hours of patient care experience as a nurses aide. I also shadowed PA's about 100 hours.


I graduated in December 14 and have been in an accelerated BSN program since January 15. I complete this program in May 16 and am doing very well (No C's so far and around a 3.6 GPA). With all of my friends applying for the second time and getting multiple interviews, I can't help but to think I would have a shot if I applied again. I have taken science courses like pharm & patho..and I have gotten A's in all of my clinicals so far.


My question is: do you know a list of schools that take your second degree GPA (I know there used to be a few?!) & also do you think it would be worth it to apply again?


This program is about 80 credit hours and I should graduate with at least a 3.5, and my last degree was CASPA calculated 3.01 and that was with about 120 credit hours. I also have continued to work as an aide ever since, and have a lot of hours clinical experience.

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There are no degree GPAs for CASPA. To figure your CASPA cGPA, convert everything to one type of credit (quarter or semester), add up all your undergraduate credit quality points, and divide by your undergradute quality hours.  In other words, it all averages.


There are a number of schools who look at last 30, 45, or 60 hours, but frankly, you're probably not going to benefit from looking at them because 1) your old GPA was marginal, not terrible, 2) your new GPA is good, not perfect, and 3) There are a ton of other applicants who went from terrible to perfect GPAs and are solely focused on those schools.


I don't have a list handy, but I bet a forum search will turn up one somewhere.


Best wishes!

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