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University of Charleston WV Class of 2018

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Hello and congratulations to UCPAP's Class of 2018!! Wanted to start a posting so we can introduce ourselves. Feel free to post on here so we can all get better acquainted before class starts! :)


Ps: Anyone have recommendations on where to live in Charleston, WV? I'll be moving from FL and may not be able to go apartment shopping in person prior to matriculation. I've heard of EaglesView, but are there any other safe places to live in close proximity to campus? Or is anyone interested in having a roommate? 

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Hey Shayna - congrats on acceptance!  I'll also be attending starting in January as well!


I've decided to live at Eagle View over the dorms or local housing because I couldn't find a place that looked as clean and well-maintained with all of the amenities that Eagle View offered.  Also, for our school, they're currently letting us reserve a 1bd/1ba apartment for a Dec/Jan move-in.  They're still building these units but with a deposit, we can go ahead and reserve.  They also are giving us rent for 900/mo v/s the typical 1100/mo for the 1 bd apts.  Take a look around but I couldn't find  a better option personally and I know a lot of the current grad students live there as well.  PM me if you'd like to chat/text further.


Looking forward to meeting!


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