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  1. Vanleardude - Yes, they were sent out via email. At least that is how I got mine.
  2. I just heard back! I am super excited and relieved. I have an interview the 11th at 8am! Anyone else interviewing then??
  3. Well I still have not received anything. Does anyone have an invite yet?
  4. The campus that you get an interview to will be the one you selected on CASPA! I hope that they tell us this week!!!!
  5. From what I understood you could apply to one or the other this year, not both. But I applied to the Lexington campus as well!!
  6. Hey! I am anxious to know about interviews. Has anyone received an an invitation to interview yet?
  7. I just applied to Trevecca but am super nervous about the cost. Does anyone have any ideas on how to secure some scholarships or anything?? I know it is difficult to get grant/scholarship money in grad school but I am stressing!
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