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  1. Thank you EMEDPA & MT2PA for your replies. I sent this letter, because regardless of the other position, the biggest issue is that I would be a solo provider as a new grad and no formal training prior. I had a lawyer review my contract and if they push for me to work the 60 days, then I may decline based on my current lack of license and therefore inability to perform the tasks needed for the job. Dear Hiring Manager, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to work with ___ Urgent Care and appreciate the time you took in selecting me for the position. I enjoyed getting to meet you and the staff at the ___location. Unfortunately, after giving a great deal of thought to this career opportunity, I have decided that it is in my best interest, as well as the practice’s, to rescind the job offer. As a new grad without any formal training program, I do not feel that I will be able to fulfill the needs of the clinic and the patients. This fact was not fully understood until I shadowed the two providers on staff and realized the amount of autonomy I must hold. I have recently decided to accept another position that I believe is a better fit for my abilities and skill set. The position is in another specialty where I will have training and direct contact with my supervising physician for questions throughout my shifts. I am so sorry for any inconvenience my decision may cause. Once again, I'd like to express my gratitude for the offer and my regrets that it didn't work out. You have my best wishes in finding someone more suitable for the position.
  2. Hi all, I got myself into a bit of a situation as a new grad and would like some professional advice on how to handle it... Long story short, I had been job searching in MI for a couple of months, but was only finding and being offered Urgent Care positions with no paid training period, and would be the solo provider on site. I ended up accepting one with decent benefits and pay at $50 per hour. I started "training" (seeing patients for free) with one of their existing providers until my license comes through to get the hang of the office. Needless to say, although I had already signed the contract, I felt uneasy about starting the position. A week or two later I received an interview via LinkedIn for a private solo provider psychiatry office, went, and received a phenomenal offer I simply can not turn down. $75 per hour, PTO at 14 days a year, 7 unpaid personal days, Psychiatrist works mon-thurs 9-7pm, after I am comfortable I can set my own hours, *I will have to pay for my own malpractice insurance, CME and health benefits, they offer FT employees an additional $300 a month for extra expenses*, I'm aware that these expenses are pricey and I have quotes for everything I must pay out of pocket, even estimating everything on the high end I will still be making substantially more than at the urgent care. Office does not accept Medicaid or Medicare. SP states most patients are high functioning and SES. Psychology was my undergraduate degree and I loved my inpatient psych rotation. Truthfully, I would take this position even if it paid less than UC due to my passion for the specialty, decreased stress, provider on site, and flexible scheduling. Now, I am still waiting on my license, but it will likely arrive this week. I am aware that I need to renege the UC position, but not only is it unprofessional, I know they are having a hard time filling all of their shifts, so I feel bad for leaving them in a predicament like this. Also, my contract asks for a 60 day notice, but I believe MI is an at-will state. Anyone have any experience with this? Since I haven't started working and they haven't been able to get me credentialed without my license, do you think I should/may have to work for them for 60 days? And even if by law I am not bound, should I volunteer to work Fri, Sat, or Sun shifts they may need help with while I begin the other position? I do plan on obtaining a per diem UC position in the future to keep my clinical skills sharp. Obviously, I should have never signed the contract with a position that doesn't provide paid training for a new grad in the first place. Thoughts, words of wisdom, criticisms are appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Great idea, followed your advice and applied to a few I didn't see listed elsewhere. Thanks
  4. Thank you all for the advice, seems my hesitancy was justified. I will likely pass on this "opportunity." I received another UC offer today that was better, but still not ideal as the SP will not be on site, nor will any other providers. $50 per hour to start (review in 6 months) with full benefits after 90 days. Malpractice w/tail coverage, PTO etc. I've been using Indeed.com mainly as well as other job search sites as I am new to the MI area and have few connections. Anyone have advice for job seeking as a new grad? Would it be unprofessional to stop by clinics personally? Thanks again!
  5. Hi all, I am a new grad PA-C in MI and just received an Urgent Care offer at the first clinic I interviewed with. Seems to not be great, but not bad and I’d appreciate any feedback you have for me moving forward! First off, I interviewed yesterday and received the offer today. $45 per hour was offered and I countered with $50. We settled on $47. Pay: $47 per hour, shifts are usually 3 12’s, holiday and OT pay is time and a half. Possibility of bonuses dependent on revenue were mentioned. Ability to pick up shifts at sister locations. (OT wouldn’t kick in if time was split between locations though) Malpractice: covered (possible tail, office manager said yes when asked, but didn’t sound confident) Health Insurance: 50/50 but find your own coverage CME: 2k per year PTO: 2 weeks accrued per year Training: 2 weeks, $30 per hour Pro’s: No non-compete clause, 1 year contract ( no penalty to leave early) office manager stated “no one has ever done that besides one girl that went to work at a hospital and still picks up PRN shifts” Brand new office and they anticipate 4-8 patients per day until they build a pateint base. I would have an MA to complete front and back office duties. Con’s: I would be the only provider on site, collaborating physician would be available by phone/text and could run over to the office “if needed” (I wouldn’t count on this). They also said they “aren’t allowed” to send the contract via email. I can come into the office to review it or she can read me the highlights over the phone while I write them down?...I’d like to have it looked at by an attorney, is this reasonable? They’d also like me to make my decision ASAP. My background was in a busy surgical office and where we saw 60-80 patients a day. A lot of them I saw independently for post-op dressing changes and suture removal. Spoke with two of my preceptors that think the offer is reasonable and I could handle the amount patients on my own, without a physician on site. Thanks in advance for any insights/help you can provide!
  6. Received a rejection email today. All's well though, it was a great experience! I'll be starting at Univ. of Chaleston next month! Congrats to the UF class of 2018!!!
  7. Was thinking the same thing FuturePA101! It seems that if history repeats itself, calls seem to be made the following Monday after the last interview session (info gathered from reading previous years threads). So today would be the day! I haven't heard a peep, nor have any of the contacts I made at my interview session. Maybe it will be next week instead? I'm anxious to hear as well since the other program I was accepted to starts next month!
  8. Had my interview with the program yesterday and it was a great experience! Like others have said on the forum, it was all very relaxed and comfortable. I'll be keeping you all updated if I hear back regarding any kind of decision prior to December! :) Best of luck to everyone else waiting on interviews/acceptances!
  9. Interview confirmed today for Oct 19th and 20th! Anyone else scheduled for then as well? Also, I was informed that I was able to bring a guest to the orientation day on the 19th, has anyone done this/do you recommend it?
  10. Received a message regarding an interview invite today! I called Karen back, but it seems after reading these posts that they are in the midst of an interview session so I may not hear back about which date right away. My second level review email was sent on Friday. I have a seat reserved at another program starting in January, but UF has been my #1 choice since the beginning of this journey. Btw, my transcripts are far from perfect so there is hope! :)
  11. No way, they were only recommended at the time of my application. I wonder if that will effect our cycle?
  12. Lots of hope to those that may have underwhelming undergrad GPA's!!! I truly did not expect an interview much less an acceptance on my first attempt, but I worked extremely hard to improve my stats and spent every waking hour getting volunteer/PCE hours. If I can get into PA school, I have no doubt that you can too!!!! :) Undergrad ed school: University of Central Florida, B.S. Psychology cGPA: 3.16 (3.87 in 30 credit hours post-bac, due to terrible undergrad GPA 2.99) sGPA: 3.47 BCP 3.67 CASPA verification: July 7th Age at time of application: 27 1st GRE: V 156 Q 150 W 4.0 (306) 2nd GRE: N/A PCE: 1550+ hours as a back office Medical Assistant in plastic/reconstructive surgery HCE: 2500+ (Healthcare staffing and Vet Tech/Office Admin work in veterinary care) Research: 0 Shadowing: 100+ in Plastic Surgery, Ortho, Derm and Urgent Care Volunteering: ~100 hours with the melanoma foundation, just began volunteering at a free community clinic, various charities and philanthropies with my sorority Awards/ honors/etc.: Dean's List, President's List, Rho Gamma, MDC Chair for KAO, UCF Swim, Panhellenic Chair Schools applied to: (10) University of Bridgeport, Loma Linda, University of Florida, MGH Institute of Health Professions, UC Davis, University of Utah, University of Charleston-WV, NYIT, Rocky Mountain U., Southern Illinois U Rejected: NYIT, Loma Linda, University of Utah Interviewed: University of Charleston (150 interviewed for 22 seats), University of Florida Waitlisted: University of Charleston (notified that I was #1 on the wait list and someone gave up their seat!!) Withdrew: Southern Illinois (did not complete supplemental after learning that cGPA must be at least a 3.2) Accepted: University of Charleston!!! Attempts: 1st Attending:
  13. Hello and congratulations to UCPAP's Class of 2018!! Wanted to start a posting so we can introduce ourselves. Feel free to post on here so we can all get better acquainted before class starts! :) Ps: Anyone have recommendations on where to live in Charleston, WV? I'll be moving from FL and may not be able to go apartment shopping in person prior to matriculation. I've heard of EaglesView, but are there any other safe places to live in close proximity to campus? Or is anyone interested in having a roommate?
  14. I was emailed this morning around 9:47 that I was on the ranked wait list. At 10:01 I got a phone call from Pam saying that I have seat if I would like it-which was a very enthusiastic YES!!! I was #1 on the wait list so they are already moving along quickly! There is HOPE! So excited to become a PA at UCPAP! :)
  15. No call for this girl... but it's ok there's still the wait list and next year! :) I'm just happy to have been selected to interview with such awesome candidates.
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