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Lower gre scores,below 150,GPA 3.79.

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There's really no easy way to answer that question for you. If you think you can make a significant improvement, then maybe it's worth it. Did you prepare at all, or did you just take it cold? If you didn't prepare, I'd bet you can gain quite a bit with the right practice. If you did some prep work and still got those scores, then you probably won't improve much by taking the test again. 


If you can't or don't want to take the test again, just apply to programs that don't require the GRE or that have lower (or no) minimum score requirements. There are some out there. A decent GRE score can open some doors that a mediocre one will close, but plenty of people have been successful in spite of that. 


Good luck either way.

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I took the GRE in July and got a 144V and a 154Q, 4.0 writing... I wasn't too happy with these scores, and I didn't really study much for it.  I signed up for the Magoosh website and it guarantees a 5 point increase in your score.  I studied for a month and retook the exam and got a 146V and a 158Q, 4.5 writing.  My verbal wasn't much better, but my math scores were much better.  I would recommend retaking if you have time. 


Good luck to you!

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