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  1. Oh wow, I can see how that calendar is super confusing.. According to my calendar, I think you guys start your orientation the week of June 5th.. I could be wrong, but just to give you somewhat of an idea for now!
  2. I will be a second year student at ATSU for this next year! Please let me know if you have any questions about the application process or the school in general. mcourtney@atsu.edu
  3. I understand this is frustrating as you may still be waiting, but they have a lot of applications to review, and they want to review them carefully before making any final decisions to decline someone. As a current student, I know that they will send you something eventually. Just have to be patient. Hope this helps!
  4. To those of you who are wondering about the waitlist, we have people in our current class who interviewed in January. I wouldn't look at a wait-list opportunity as a bad thing, especially this early in the game. Many people get accepted to other programs and give up their spot.
  5. I would still apply if you like the school and would want to attend here. I applied last year at the end of July and my interview was scheduled for the end of November. I eventually ended up getting a sooner slot in October, as some opened up after people were getting other offers. I would definitely still apply if I were you! Hope that helps.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm in the CO 2018, and if anyone has questions feel free to message me!
  7. Kind of disappointed that I was not notified of any sort of status earlier. After fully submitting in September, I would have hoped a decision on my application would have been made earlier, even if that meant sending out a denial.
  8. I'm not sure if you are still on this forum, but I read your post about your surgical residency and am very interested in applying, if they still offer it. I live in wisconsin, and will be starting PA school in the summer. Please PM me if you do receive this message. Thanks! ~Megan

  9. I have not heard back from this program at all. Any news on when I should be expecting my denial?
  10. Has anyone received an e-mail with the follow up instructions for the interviews?
  11. I was just added to the facebook group by Bonnie! I think it just takes her a bit to accept it, but e-mailing seemed to help!
  12. Hey! No i didn't yet. I'm thinking of emailing Bonnie this week. :(
  13. I tried joining the facebook page, and bonnie hasn't approved me yet. Did you have to contact her in regards to this? Or does she eventually accept you? Thanks.
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