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Hello all,


I've already submitted my CASPA application for Pacific and I'm finishing up the Supplemental App now. After asking about your interest in Pacific there is the section that reads, "Please take advantage of this opportunity to state any additional pertinent information (academic, personal or application related) that you think the Admissions Committee should take into consideration while evaluating your application."


Is there  anything in particular that you would include here? They have pretty much all of my information in other parts of the application but I don't want to leave it blank if there is a particular kind of additional information they are seeking.

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Hi Carrickm,

I'm in the class of 2016. I used that section to talk about the statistics course I was still in the middle of finishing. I also used it as an area to talk a bit more about my how my non-healthcare background (technical writing and outdoor education) made me a stronger applicant. In short, I tried to use it to plug in some strengths that weren't addressed in other ares of my application and explain/spin some things that might have been seen as weaknesses. 

Hope that helps.

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