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New Grad trying to get into EM

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Hey all, 


I am graduating soon and am looking to try and work in an ED. The major problem I have been running into is that every ED I have been applying to requires 1-3 years experience in the ED. I am currently in negotiations with an urgent care which from what I hear is the next best thing to try and get my foot in the door. I have recently been contacted about possibly working in an ICU critical care setting. Would this also help getting my foot in the door? Is there one that would be better then the other as far as preparation for an ED job?  


About me: I worked in a few ED's for 3.5 years before PA school as an ED tech and emergency medicine has always been my passion and something I ultimately see myself doing long term. To date I have used my electives in my last year in PA school in an family practice setting that was basically run as an urgent care with only same day adds. My second elective has been 2 months in an ED on top of my already ED rotation. I don't have much experience in the ICU but I feel like it could be interesting. Thanks for any replies and/or advice.

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Read all the permanent stickys at thee top of the em specialty forum here. lots of good info there.

a few thoughts:

consider an em reesidency.all 28 are in the em residency thread here.

fast track or urgent care is fine for getting some initial eexperience

ICU is great experience, but really prepares you for critical care, the sickest 5% of pts, which is all well and good but doesn't include the lower acuity 90% of pts you will see in any er. the breadth just isn't there as far as ortho, urology, etc. you will learn how to put in a central line but not how tio reduce a shoulder dislocation or do many minor procedures.

starting with uc or fast track is starting at the bottom and working up. starting ICU is starting at the top and having to learn all the other stuff later. either way works. good luck whatever you decide.

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