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Clinical rotation before a residency

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Hey all,


I am a current PA student and was considering doing one of my elective rotations (emergency med) at a site that also offers a residency program that I am interested in. I think that it would be a great chance to kind of see aspects of the residency first-hand. Also, if I did well enough and secured a recommendation letter from my preceptor then maybe that would carry a lot of weight when I actually apply for the residency. Does this seem like a wise decision, or will I come off as someone who is trying to sneak in the back door to a residency?


On another note, even if I do not attempt to do a rotation at a site with a residency, I would still like to do an EM rotation away from my school. Who at the facility would I contact to set this up - a specific provider, human resources, the ER department manager?


Any information regarding these topics is greatly appreciated.

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Like Oneal said, med students do this all the time in their required rotations and via their "away" rotations. Seems like a good idea if you are interested in a particular residency. If anything, you will come away with a good idea of what you want to get into and what is required during a residency. 

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