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  1. Thanks for the reply. I learned that the verification can also be emailed to the contact person in Tallahassee.
  2. Gotcha! I've learned a ton during my time here at Iowa and would recommend it to anyone. They did recently change to one application cycle due to state and hospital budget constraints. Unfortunate, but it's the nature of PA residency given that we have no outside funding like the ACGME programs. Good luck to you.
  3. I'm just not familiar with the specifics of using an HSA as a financial tool. My new job has one and I'm planning on taking advantage though. If you fully fund a family HSA for 15-20 years and rarely dip into it, what would be your plan for utilizing those monies later? Medical expenses later in life I assume? If you have $250,000+ in an HSA at 65, what happens to any unused portions when you die? Is it transferrable in your estate like an IRA and the like?
  4. Sounds like you have good experience prior to school. Use that to your advantage in the interview process! Why isn't Iowa on your list?!?
  5. Currently working on getting FL license. Does Florida require me to send their form to the other states that I am licensed in or will they look on the other states website to verify my current licensure since that is considered first source info? I'm waiting on the contact person to call me back, but it's taking a while... Figured I would post up here as well.
  6. Another vote for doing residency. Doors will open for interviews that wouldn't open even with a year or two experience. I'll be done with residency in December and I was offered an interview at a facility that wasn't even hiring. Interview went well and they created a spot for me. Never would have happened without residency. Can you find work without residency? Sure. You can learn on your own in a less structured environment, but you have to be very focused and make sure you put yourself in a good learning environment.
  7. My residency has been tough with a spouse to help out! I can't imagine trying to do it in another state from your husband and no family around. No daycare is going to be open for the hours that you need so you'll almost certainly need someone that would be able to come to your home or your child go to their home. Finding someone like that in southern CA that you can trust... There are several good residencies, so perhaps another one is closer to you? I don't want to be discouraging, but I do want you to know that it will be difficult. I'm sure Arrowhead would ask you about this as well and you would need to have a solid plan ahead of time.
  8. Well said E!
  9. Found this job interesting. Likely more primary care like HTN meds and the like, but would be interesting. At least for a while. Pay is awful and doesn't mention schedule. I know Memphis, TN is doing this with primary care docs as well. Similar to the NP setup that LA started a while back.
  10. Lots of looking, research and talking to folks. As many have said, look at places few people want to live such as OK, KS, IA, MN etc. You may have to take a 24 hr gig and turn it into a 48-72 hr gig with time. You can find the 24 hr gigs pretty easily.
  11. Awesome prospective CB. Currently plugging away in a residency now and it's good to hear perspective from "the other side." Even if I'm not in the same residency, mine correlates well.
  12. E- Sorry for the confusion. I was asking about health insurance. In regards to malpractice, I'm not working somewhere that doesn't cover malpractice. Places that don't cover malpractice likely have other greater issues as well. Boat- Thanks for the info. I've found most are 1099, but some are employee with health benefits. The lack of specialty coverage in many of these hospitals and their affiliates is one of my initial concerns and spawned my question here. As I suspected, I'll just have to navigate the issue as it comes up with individual jobs.
  13. I'm looking into a few jobs for after residency is over. Mostly rural jobs with 24-72 hr shifts. To those of you who work such jobs, particularly if you travel some distance to work, how do you handle insurance? Most places offer the usual benefits within their system, but what if you live 4-6 hours outside of that hospital network? Just pay out of network fees? Negotiate this into the contract? I'm just asking to see if any of you have been in this situation and have some insight??
  14. Discussed this in journal club at my residency a while back. Consensus was as noted in the article above. Practice wise, most staff at my place don't use sterile, but some will in instances of the non-simple lacs or immunocompromised folks. Irrigation and cleaning is more important by far!
  15. This is the perfect info and timing as I'm trying to get some flight shifts during some elective time as part of residency. I figured I would frame the discussion around my previous paramedic experience, but this adds a nice accompaniment to the argument and will make it more difficult for them to tell me no.