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  1. Currently doing some locum solo coverage work near where I completed residency. Around 5,000-6,000 annual volume. Also, working on a more permenant every other weekend, 60 hr shift, solo coverage job at a ~5,000/yr facility.
  2. Interviewed there to get a firsthand opinion. Not enough off service rotations. Was told during the process that "you don't need ATLS certification as a PA." That was all I needed to know. Your mileage may vary...
  3. Email them and ask for the email of some current/former residents and ask them these questions. I interviewed there. Weirdest interview I had on the residency trail. It was a series of 10-12, 5-8 minute interviews. It was like a bad dating show. Turned me off from their program for sure. Given their presentation on the acuity of their ED and system and their rotations, it sounds like a solid residency though.
  4. Sounds like a good job! Got an email the other day that was passed along to our residency director looking for experienced or residency trained PAs for a job in Dutch Harbor, AK. Sounds awesome, but family life right now won't allow that.
  5. I'm still waiting on the state of FL to add my supervising docs info as well. They have had the paperwork for over a month and have not added them. I've found the FL board to be amazingly difficult to work with! State employees... In your case, I would just submit the paperwork and roll on as others have said.
  6. Do a residency. Or at least apply and try. You will not regret doing one. I'm finishing up my EM residency next week and I would do it again for sure. Can you get a good job without residency? Sure, but it's more difficult to get the training you will want. At this point, I'm fairly comfortable with anything that comes through the door. Seeing sick folks outside of the residency setting will have it's own challenges, but at least I've been prepared. I foresee residency becoming more of the standard over time. Money will be the issue since most of the PA EM residencies are funded by the individual hospitals/systems. There isn't any ACGME backing like the physician residency has. That definitely makes it more challenging. The process is rather competitive if you don't have an outstanding application. I got an interview everywhere I applied, but I had good references and significant paramedic experience as well. I got passed over by a couple of places and that's fine because I think it's more of a "fit" issue. Some places are looking for the fresh-faced new grad with the 4.0 and other places want someone more "experienced." Be willing to move if you want in! I found that lots of places(jobs, recruiters) have no idea what an EM PA residency is or that it exists. Sure, there are some jobs that recognize this and will snatch you up in a second. I can't tell you how many times I've explained to some recruiter what my residency training means, the skills I've gained and what kind of jobs that training has prepared me for. My new job is in a small 20 bed community ED, pays really well and I can see any pt I want. The recruiter for that job knew exactly what it meant when she saw I was completing a residency. She called me that day and they eventually ended up creating a spot for me even though they weren't currently hiring full time folks. That's the doors residency training can open. I'll be doing solo locums work as well, which I look forward to.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I learned that the verification can also be emailed to the contact person in Tallahassee.
  8. Gotcha! I've learned a ton during my time here at Iowa and would recommend it to anyone. They did recently change to one application cycle due to state and hospital budget constraints. Unfortunate, but it's the nature of PA residency given that we have no outside funding like the ACGME programs. Good luck to you.
  9. I'm just not familiar with the specifics of using an HSA as a financial tool. My new job has one and I'm planning on taking advantage though. If you fully fund a family HSA for 15-20 years and rarely dip into it, what would be your plan for utilizing those monies later? Medical expenses later in life I assume? If you have $250,000+ in an HSA at 65, what happens to any unused portions when you die? Is it transferrable in your estate like an IRA and the like?
  10. Sounds like you have good experience prior to school. Use that to your advantage in the interview process! Why isn't Iowa on your list?!?
  11. Currently working on getting FL license. Does Florida require me to send their form to the other states that I am licensed in or will they look on the other states website to verify my current licensure since that is considered first source info? I'm waiting on the contact person to call me back, but it's taking a while... Figured I would post up here as well.
  12. Another vote for doing residency. Doors will open for interviews that wouldn't open even with a year or two experience. I'll be done with residency in December and I was offered an interview at a facility that wasn't even hiring. Interview went well and they created a spot for me. Never would have happened without residency. Can you find work without residency? Sure. You can learn on your own in a less structured environment, but you have to be very focused and make sure you put yourself in a good learning environment.
  13. My residency has been tough with a spouse to help out! I can't imagine trying to do it in another state from your husband and no family around. No daycare is going to be open for the hours that you need so you'll almost certainly need someone that would be able to come to your home or your child go to their home. Finding someone like that in southern CA that you can trust... There are several good residencies, so perhaps another one is closer to you? I don't want to be discouraging, but I do want you to know that it will be difficult. I'm sure Arrowhead would ask you about this as well and you would need to have a solid plan ahead of time.
  14. Well said E!
  15. Found this job interesting. Likely more primary care like HTN meds and the like, but would be interesting. At least for a while. Pay is awful and doesn't mention schedule. I know Memphis, TN is doing this with primary care docs as well. Similar to the NP setup that LA started a while back.