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Supplemental Application Questions

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Hi All,

I am having a very hard time answering all of the supplemental questions.  Especially the following two questions:


1. If accepted, what would be your greatest contribution to the class?

I want to be unique but whenever I begin to answer this question my answers just seen so generic.  


2. Any question about diversity.  I am a Caucasian female 23yo and haven't experienced any cultural diversity.  Could I discuss diverse life experiences? Growing up I dealt with the struggles of my mother being an addict.  Should I address this as diversity or is this more adversity? I don't want it to seem like im throwing myself a pity party....


Any comments or suggestions will help! Thank you! 

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Did you experience any socioeconomic factors due to your mother's addiction? That could be a spring board. Or have you volunteered with any groups that target diverse groups or had any friends that came from diverse situations that you were close enough with to gain insight on?


And yes, you're right. The trick is to avoid the pity party and show the admissions team how the experience has broadened your views and helped you mature. I think with the right spin you could use the story about your mother. Someone who has first hand insight into navigating the difficulties of addiction might be able to represent the point of view of people who have suffered similarly.That could be something that adds to the class diversity.


Good luck!

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Thank you so much for your help! Those are all great questions to consider.  Im working on finding the right balance in my writing.  Showing that I have been through struggles, but also taking a lighter approach on the topic and focusing more on the strength that it requires to overcome such difficulties. 


And I apologize if it came across as if I wanted my questions written for me.  That was never my intention! Im new to being a part of an online forum so I am just trying to get some general advice :)  

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