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  1. I thought I would start a new thread for students who are starting January 2017! Anyone else? I put down my deposit last week :)
  2. Still haven't heard anything back. Anyone else in the same position? I hope they are still offering interviews
  3. I got an email on 12/11/15 confirming my spot on the wait list. Anyone know what the wait list situation is like? How many students are on the wait list and the chances of getting accepted? I was one of the students who did not interview. Anyone else in my situation?
  4. I have an interview this Friday the 15th! Can anyone who has interviewed at this school tell me a little bit about the interview process at this school and your experience? Thanks!
  5. I was on the wait list for January 2016 start. Apparently very few people dropped their acceptance so I didn't make it in to the January 2016 start class. I did receive a letter stating that I was automatically accepted for January 2017 start. SO beyond excited!!! Anyone else receive this letter? I am still waiting to hear back from a couple other schools but as of right now Albany is my top choice. Absolutely wonderful program with amazing students and staff!
  6. I got wait listed to interview through an email sent on 08/11 and haven't heard anything back since. Anyone in the same position or know if they are still offering more interviews?
  7. Got my denial in the mail last week. Good luck to everyone still in the running!
  8. I submitted my CASPA in July and still have not heard anything back. No supplemental or interview. Anyone else in the same position? Should I just assume a denial or do they have later interview dates? Thanks!
  9. I interviewed on 9/14 for a spot on the wait-list and got a letter saying I made it onto the wait-list for Class of 2018 (January 2016 entry)!! I am so eager to find out if anyone drops and I get moved up. Fingers crossed! This program blew me away when I went to interview. It was my first interview ever, so I may be a little bias :P Regardless, the current students were beyond sweet, willing to answer any questions. One student even took me to the airport the next morning! The whole staff engaged with the students and the interview process felt natural. Not to mention the cadaver and sims lab were amazing. Great tools and aids at this school. I can 100% see myself joining the AMC PA program. Good luck to everyone!
  10. My Application started being reviewed on Aug 12th and still haven't heard anything back from the school yet. Anyone else get reviewed around the same date?
  11. Is anyone else still waitlisted for an interview? Making me nervous that people are getting accepted and I still haven't gotten and invitation to interview for the program yet.
  12. No bad news yet. Fingers crossed! Their program isn't rolling admissions so I believe they send out any information a little bit later than other schools. :)
  13. Lov, I just got my letter for an interview for a spot on the waitlist and I will be attending as well on September 14th! I'm very excited! I have heard great things about this program. Does anyone know the deadline for acceptance once you get an offer?
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