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HSC 0003

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I'm also curious about this. I already took a class similar to this at UCF so I'm going to the office next week to see if I can be exempt from this course. I already have 1200 hours working as a CNA and almost 800 working as medical scribe in the emergency department. I would hate to not get in just because I don't have a class that's about the healthcare field when I already work in it!



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I took the class online. It's really easy. I got 100% on pretty much everything except I missed ONE assignment which dropped my grade down to a B. Really easy class as long as you meet deadlines. 

In terms of trying to get exempt from the class. I was told by advisors that as long as you have a healthcare certification or license of some sort (EMT, CNA, RN, etc.) you should be fine. 


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