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  1. Hello! I'm a cosmetic and functional medicine PA willing to have a student shadow me. I remember when I was pre-pa, finding someone to shadow was so hard! If someone is interested in cosmetics, plastic surgery, aesthetics, or functional medicine- I'd be happy to give you more exposure. I don't do virtual shadowing and this wouldn't be helpful for someone interested in practicing traditional medicine.
  2. @ammelton Congratulations!!! It's a big step - and you did it! As you can see, a huge percentage of us are on our second, third, and beyond career. I took a big paycut when compared to my first job out of PA school. But it's reasonable to think in a couple years I will be making more than what I made right before PA school. I graduated PA school at 35 - PA school was a beast and getting used to working so hard, being wrong a lot, and being at the BOTTOM of the food chain during rotations was tough, but temporary. Once I got through school, I feel back to being proud of my career. And I am sure you will be do! Enjoy the journey to the best of your ability - it goes fast!
  3. Derm is incredibly competitive and hard to get into, as I am sure you already know. My best advice is to do excellent on your derm rotation and try to get a job there. If that fails, be open to moving anywhere in the country to get the first few years of derm experience. Just my two cents! In my humble opinion, plastics is just as hard to get into so using it to get your foot in the door may not work. But moving works- 3 people from my class who were determined to do derm got it -- but they had to move out of the area. Two of them worked as derm medical assistants prior to PA school, which helps. highly recommend a derm fellowship if you can get one. I believe WI and PennState have programs, there is one at UMiami, but you have to pay to do it which seems wrong. Hopefully there are others. Good Luck!
  4. Thanks to both of you. That's what I was thinking. It's amazing how many aspects of being a PA I never knew - they definitely don't teach this stuff in PA school!
  5. When you have a full time job and SP and add a prn job on the side, do you submit paperwork to the state for a second SP? I remember when I got my license I had to give them my SP's name and now my license is attached to his. Also, my malpractice is covered through my main job. Is it customary for a prn job to be willing to cover my malpractice or should I plan to get my own plan? Thanks!
  6. I was a new grad just a year ago and know how tough it can be! I also work in plastics which- uggghhh it is so hard to get a good salary without experience. My two cents, this offer is a bummer, but considering the time we are in- I'd consider accepting it if they can guarantee you to only work 40-45 hours a week, or switch you to hourly so the long hours are worth it. And...fine if they dont want to pay your initial CA license, but I find it unacceptable for them to not pay your ongoing license renewals. As I navigated the offers last year as a new grad, ALL of them would at least pay the ongoing license fee renewals. None offered to pay the initial license. Good luck!!
  7. honestly, with the way the world is these days, I'd consider that a fine new grad offer. That's a great schedule, and since the hours aren't long, I think the commute would be tolerable. You have good vibes about the practice and and a teaching physician - go for it unless you smell any red flags when you get your employment agreement
  8. Thanks for your feedback, both of you! I agree that 21% doesn't sound great, but I am going to be doing mostly injections and the markup is 50%, so the collections minus cost of good closer to $287,500. Which would be like ~40% collection.
  9. $100,000 salary Transparency of my collections and the practice financial statements 25% of my collections over $650,000 paid as a bonus They are going to invest in marketing me, and I will receive good mentoring/training but I am unsure how attainable the numbers are. Please share any feedback. Thank you so much!
  10. I took it back in August, Rosh WAS predicting me 200 points higher than I scored many months ago. But when it reset 2 months ago, it was exactly 100 points higher than my score. It seems to be that Rosh accuracy in predicting score is improving!
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    sorry - it already sold
  12. Hello!! I know a few students already addressed this; but as a recent Duke grad, I wanted to add my two cents. As far as students being frazzled - super accurate depending on the day (high stakes exams, etc). But I don't think frazzled is the same as miserable. And I think all PA students at every school experience the stress of the exams at some point during didactic year. Regarding the reputation for not being prepared for clinicals is just wrong. Every single site I was at said Duke students are the most prepared compared to other schools. And many say we stand out above med students. I think the reason for this is we have multiple opportunities to be in the hospital and with patients during the first year and many experiences with standardized patients. Also Duke does not accept simply the brightest of the bunch- the students are overwhelming full of rich clinical experiences and backgrounds prior to PA school. The nontraditional student high acceptance is real. And because of that, some of us may have had harder time in classroom than the 4.0 GPA 22 year old, but one nice thing about Duke is the immense resources - like tutors and meeting with study-skills specialists. And the flip side is that clinical year comes more naturally for us, since a lot of us have great experience. With all this being said, it is important to choose the school that is best for you. At the interview, you may or may not click with the school you thought was your number one. And if you get accepted to multiple schools, then trust your gut for the best fit over rankings or other reasons. Best of luck to all - enjoy the journey!
  13. comprehensive explanations
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