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  1. I took it back in August, Rosh WAS predicting me 200 points higher than I scored many months ago. But when it reset 2 months ago, it was exactly 100 points higher than my score. It seems to be that Rosh accuracy in predicting score is improving!
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  3. Hello!! I know a few students already addressed this; but as a recent Duke grad, I wanted to add my two cents. As far as students being frazzled - super accurate depending on the day (high stakes exams, etc). But I don't think frazzled is the same as miserable. And I think all PA students at every school experience the stress of the exams at some point during didactic year. Regarding the reputation for not being prepared for clinicals is just wrong. Every single site I was at said Duke students are the most prepared compared to other schools. And many say we stand out above med students. I think the reason for this is we have multiple opportunities to be in the hospital and with patients during the first year and many experiences with standardized patients. Also Duke does not accept simply the brightest of the bunch- the students are overwhelming full of rich clinical experiences and backgrounds prior to PA school. The nontraditional student high acceptance is real. And because of that, some of us may have had harder time in classroom than the 4.0 GPA 22 year old, but one nice thing about Duke is the immense resources - like tutors and meeting with study-skills specialists. And the flip side is that clinical year comes more naturally for us, since a lot of us have great experience. With all this being said, it is important to choose the school that is best for you. At the interview, you may or may not click with the school you thought was your number one. And if you get accepted to multiple schools, then trust your gut for the best fit over rankings or other reasons. Best of luck to all - enjoy the journey!
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  5. comprehensive explanations
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    comprehensive explanations
  7. Oh I am so curious if any seasoned plastics PAs can help with this. I am in a similar situation of completed interviews with a solo private practice plastic surgeon. I like her, but she's not had a PA before. The pay and benefits are lower than other organizations I have spoken with.... I have one observation day coming up with her. I feel like she doesn't fully understand what her future PA will be doing. Good luck to you!
  8. I've had a dog all of PA school. 2 months till graduation!! It was fine during didactic year. Clinical year is tough because our school requires at least rotation that is outside of the area. However, despite the trouble- having my doggie has made the past two years a better experience, and dogs are so supportive!
  9. Each program is very different, but at my program some ladies gave birth during clinical year- and took a few months off... after maternity leave, they just picked up where they left off. Seemed like the school was pretty flexible. Good luck!
  10. Hey ya'll don't worry! Just because they may have had admissions meetings on Fridays doesn't mean they are necessarily making decisions on interviews. They have so much to discuss. Applications, the actual process, etc. And there are so many variables at the program... different faculty have been off for surgery or other reasons, and there are many other reasons that the timeline shouldn't be compared to last year exactly...we have a new program director, and not sure if that affects anything or not. But just know there are many moving pieces... Between the faculty dealing with us current students :) we just had PA week and our PA service day...busy times. I enjoyed meeting the first week of interviewees and keeping my fingers crossed for everyone. Cheers!
  11. More specifically interview schedule- 2 weeks in October 1 week in November 1 week in December 1 week in January this is the current plan, it's possible it could change. Oh and don't be discouraged if you haven't heard something but someone else who applied after you has already received an invitation. There is a group of faculty reviewing applications...they each get a pile, and the pile grows :) They aren't necessarily reviewed in order. And each person reviewing isn't reviewing the exact same number each day. Reviewing applications is an art, not a science :)
  12. Good Luck everyone!!! I was in your shoes last year. Exactly one year ago tomorrow, I received my acceptance to Duke and it has changed my life! (Interviews started a week earlier last year) Interviews are super laid-back. You have the stats to get an interview invitation, just be yourself so they can see if your personality fits. Interviews will have 13 - 15 applicants per day, and they are conducted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday The plan right now is 5 weeks of interviews, but I suppose anything can change. The interviews aren't weekly... the 5 weeks of interviews is spread across 3 months. Happy to answer any questions; we look forward to hosting you on interview day!
  13. You could also email them to be sure before you take the class. I emailed a lot of schools about my various course equivalent questions
  14. ^^ Ditto to above, I applied the first week of July, and a few programs I was invited to the LAST week of interviews, and people who applied after me were too late to be considered, even though 2 of the programs had a deadline of November 1st. Certainly not all schools are like that- but the majority of the ones I applied to... applicants who applied early either had the upper-hand or even the only ones considered Non CASPA schools are a bit different... but the majority of CASPA schools have preference for early applicants
  15. This year MUSC and Miami Dade both did not require a bachelors- unfortunately both will require a completed bachelors before next cycle. I remember when i was applying there were a couple programs that accepted people as a freshman- and in 5 years they had a masters/PA. I don't remember the names though
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