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I recently graduated from a PA Program, and will be taking my board exam the end of this month.  I recently received a job offer in occupational medicine and was looking for advice regarding this position.  


I have been told by the director of our program he does not recommend a new graduate starting in occupational health, and that I may lose some of my skills, and limit myself as far as future opportunities go.  For instance if 10 years down the line, I decide I would like to work in family practice or internal medicine, it may be more difficult to find a position with my background.


I was just wondering what people think of starting in occupational health as a new graduate.  


Pay is in the mid/upper 80's, although I was considering asking for a slight increase.  


Anyways, I have to make a decision soon, and am very nervous as I feel it would be a comfortable place to begin as a new graduate, and the people in the office were all very friendly.  I just worry about limiting myself or having difficulty finding a different job in the future should I decide to change fields.



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not a big fan of Occ med for anyone, but I think it is not ideal for a new grad.

it is lots of folks with work injuries, some real, some not, looking for pain meds and disability payments.

talk about burn out central. and paperwork all day long....

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