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Found 2 results

  1. I recently graduated from a PA Program, and will be taking my board exam the end of this month. I recently received a job offer in occupational medicine and was looking for advice regarding this position. I have been told by the director of our program he does not recommend a new graduate starting in occupational health, and that I may lose some of my skills, and limit myself as far as future opportunities go. For instance if 10 years down the line, I decide I would like to work in family practice or internal medicine, it may be more difficult to find a position with my background. I was just wondering what people think of starting in occupational health as a new graduate. Pay is in the mid/upper 80's, although I was considering asking for a slight increase. Anyways, I have to make a decision soon, and am very nervous as I feel it would be a comfortable place to begin as a new graduate, and the people in the office were all very friendly. I just worry about limiting myself or having difficulty finding a different job in the future should I decide to change fields. Thanks.
  2. So here's my story: I'm 23 finishing up my MBA with a Healthcare focus. I have a BS in Health Sciences but did not have the best science grades. I also work full time as a consultant in the pharma industry. Dilemma: I want to go to PA school and will apply next year as that will give me time to re-take some of my chem classes. I took the GRE, GMAT and LSAT when deciding what to do after my BS- I've done well on all three. I also do not have volunteer experience in a hospital except from back in the day (high school and freshmen year of college) I can't, for the life of me, find a PA to shadow with (in Philly, which is ridiculous). So, in a nutshell: I will have a MBA in 2012, a BS in Health Science and I need to still re-take some classes, get shadowing hours/volunteer experience in. My questions are: 1. What has your experience been like? 2. If you did your hours in Philly- where and how many? 3. If not- where did you do your hours/what type of work and how many hours? 4. Which PA programs did you apply to? What was your GRE score/GPA and were you accepted? 5. Do you advise doing a post-bac or just re-taking some of the courses? 6. What's your advice to me if you had to do it all over again? Thank you so much for any input :) I'm just trying to understand how to plan this process so I can get all of my hours/classes done and not have to stop working.
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