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Looking to improve my Personal Statement

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Hi all, 


I'd really love some feedback on my Statement, any thoughts are wanted and welcome =)


I can’t say there was a defining moment when I knew that becoming a Physician Assistant was my dream, but I knew from an early age that a career of helping people is what I wanted. Coming from a household with parents in public service, a teacher and a firefighter/paramedic, instilled the desire of wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. When I was in high school, I had to go through physical therapy for a knee injury and that began my journey toward an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Science: therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation. While in college work for a physical therapist in an outpatient setting, I strongly felt that this was not enough of difference in these people’s lives. During my undergraduate studies I began to search for what would make me contented in a career for helping people, which is when I discovered Physician Assistants.

            My revelation came when I made an appointment with my OB/GYN, and was setup with his PA. I made a connection with her as she took her time, and did not make me feel rushed through the appointment, and answering all my questions. Following that appointment I was diagnosed with severe cervical dysplasia with precancerous lesions. The PA called me and had a lengthy discussion about what as the next steps for treatment. Over the next 2 years of different treatments, I grew to have a very developed relationship with this provider who took the time to give me reassurance in my treatment and diagnosis, her interaction slowly inspired me to want to become a PA.

            During this time of treatment, I became an EMT working in LA/Orange Counties, providing transport and treatment services for Compton Fire department and other communities in the surrounding area. I rendered care for patients of varies needs psychiatric, elderly, dialysis, and critical care. Critical care gave me the opportunity to see and learn about patient’s of high need, and illness. The greatest thing I learned from being an EMT, in an area that many people do not have health insurance, is that 911 becomes primary care services. These people have no one else to turn to, even if it’s just to ask questions about a simple cold.

            The lack of primary care providers has become apparent more than ever. Since April of 2012, I have been working as an Emergency Room Scribe (ER scribe) and the last year have been the Lead Scribe overseeing a staff of 50. I work one on one with providers; both doctors and physician assistants, completing their documentation start to finish. Over the course of my time in the ER, I found the vast majority of patients in my area, who come into the ER are not having a medical emergency, but have no primary care provider, have multi-week waits to see a provider, or have a provider that has not pursued referrals to help their patients and need a simple request fulfilled by a provider.

            Having worked with both doctors and PAs, I found that even through the PAs might not see as high of acuity of patients, they are afforded more time with their patients than the doctors. PAs are able to have complete and thorough dialogue with their patients to ensure understanding of their complaint, diagnosis, and follow-up plan. Patients who are seeing PAs are satisfied and felt listened to.

            While I went through my undergraduate career, I was a division I athlete that was unable to see beyond my college rowing career and then not past my gynecological treatment. This short sightedness effected my grades in a way that I did not understand at the time. I have spent the past two years taking classes to improve my GPA, including a 4.0GPA the last semester. I have a new fervor of my academics that I did not have or understand as a 19 year old. 

            Over the past five years, I have now been able to experience both pre-hospital and in-hospital settings and these experiences have reinforced the essential need for primary care providers. My own personal experience of being treated by a PA for women’s health issues and seeing the large amount of women who come to the ER for women’s health concerns, inspires me to become a women’s health provider. To be able to pay forward the guidance and care that was shown to me, would be the ultimate reward of becoming a Physician Assistant. 

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