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Rewrite my personal statement?

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Hi everyone,


So this is my third time applying for PA school (third time's a charm!) and I was wondering if I should completely rewrite my personal statement from last year? I have completely rewritten my second personal statement from the first time applying, but I feel that my revamped PS is pretty good now and I don't know what to change. The only things that I can change is what I have done since my last application; however, my motivation to become a PA hasn't. Any suggestions?

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There are some other threads about this. My feeling:


The purpose of the personal statement is to let you tell your story and hopefully encourage a program to invite you in for an interview. If you got interviews last time, maybe there is nothing to change. If you have nothing to add, then maybe there is nothing to change.


If you didn't get invited to many interviews the last two times, then it is worth trying something new. The personal statement is a marketing piece for you. If you aren't "selling" then rewrite it. If you have done something in the past year to make yourself a better candidate, then rewrite it.


Bottom line: the personal statement is a tool for you to use. See if that tool needs sharpening.



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