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  1. I agree with DStillwagon. All the students and staff were amazing and I really love the school. I stayed at the Springhill Suites Marriot by Old Dominion University and it was very easy to get around and not a bad drive to EVMS. I recommend staying there too.
  2. I will be there for the Friday interview as well! I'm super nervous! Is anyone else coming from the west coast? I'll be flying in from California!
  3. Does anyone know how many interviews they hold or when they send out rejection letters? I emailed Ms. Bible and was told my application is still under review, but its almost February and I'm getting nervous!
  4. I received my rejection letter, but congratulations to those who landed an interview!!
  5. For those from the December interview, has anyone heard back anything yet?
  6. I'm also interviewing on November 21 and would love to meet up! :) I'll be flying in from out of state.
  7. Hi Rainy and Aquariuspa, I also received that letter. Good luck to you both and hopefully we all get an interview! But congrats to those accepted! :)
  8. Does anyone know if they still have any interview dates left?
  9. Hi everyone, I am applying to MEDEX this year and I was wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between the Seattle and Spokane campuses for the Masters Degree option? Are there any other factors besides location and smaller class sizes? Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know if the word limit for the supplemental questions applies to each question or to all of the questions combined?
  11. Hi everyone, So this is my third time applying for PA school (third time's a charm!) and I was wondering if I should completely rewrite my personal statement from last year? I have completely rewritten my second personal statement from the first time applying, but I feel that my revamped PS is pretty good now and I don't know what to change. The only things that I can change is what I have done since my last application; however, my motivation to become a PA hasn't. Any suggestions?
  12. Thanks for all the help everyone! I am going to need to research and speak with schools before deciding where I will be applying. I would love to not throw away semesters of CC classes to retake them again at a 4 year.
  13. Would I still be able to do this even if I have a bio degree?
  14. I wish I knew this before taking so many classes at a CC :(
  15. I have read throughout this forum that many schools look down upon science courses taken at a CC where I've taken most of my pre-requisites... So this may be a silly question but how will I go upon taking courses at a 4 year university? Would I need to apply to a post bac program or some sort? Or are there any schools/4 year universities (specifically in Socal) that I don't know about that offer upper level science courses and does not require admission into the school? I already have my bachelor's from a 4 year but retook some classes at a CC because of poor grades in undergrad.
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