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I survived Organic Chem II!

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Semi OT but just finished my Final and I feel really good about it. Need a 58.54% to hold my B and 97%+ to make an A.


My advice to anyone planning taking it is as follows...


1. Dont overload yourself with a ridiculous courseload while taking the class.


2. Use every resource available to learn the information. Use Youtube videos and the books often mentioned on here to supplement the lectures.


3. Draw mechanisms repeatedly till they are second nature.


4. Read your book!



While a lot of programs dont require Orgo II, some do and you may end up having to take it.


Best wishes,



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I personally didnt use any books other than my textbooks. I did watch a ton of youtube videos on areas that I wasnt quite comfortable with.


For Organic I we used sporcle a lot for learning functional groups...


I took my class at a community college in Southern Illinois. Instructor has a MS in Organic Chemistry and is absolutely brilliant. It was not online.

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