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  1. Well it depends where you are and if you want to stay there or would be willing to move? Here in St. louis , Washington university has a great reputation and a lot of people actually move just to take the post bac pre med program... And the medical school does a great job getting jobs for students to get HCE
  2. Interesting...I thought they had one round of interviews and that they were scheduled at the end of September? I wonder if they are just earlier this year? Or they are now doing more than one round of interview groups? Would seem a tad hasty to schedule all interviews only a month after the submit deadline, and less than two weeks after the final received deadline...
  3. last year interviewed 80....received just north of 700 applications believe. I submitted last year end of June and didn't interview until January
  4. They will reach out to you a day or so after they receive all the materials, including the supplemental application. You won't hear anything about interviews till late august/early September as they have Interviews Oct., Nov., Jan., Feb, and March. usually around a month before the date they'll let you know if they want you to interview. If not, you won't hear anything until after the last date in March to close your application for the cycle.
  5. have any of you received an update yet for the end of May? I figuring perhaps maybe today but I still have yet to hear anything from her. I'm assuming maybe out of the office or something unless anyone else has heard word?
  6. Who was trying to be heroic? It's a big issue that others should know about. For someone harping on people with emotional responses you really forgot to take your own advice
  7. Well it must have done something, this has really become larger than I expected.
  8. They only have 413 listed as members in their directory, but I doubt that's all of them
  9. One small positive that could possibly be taken from this ( I never even thought my OP would garnish this much of a response haha) I've already had several other Pre-PAs contact me about how they can monitor situations like this. I told them many state chapters allow Pre-PAs to join as non-voting members and get updates about the profession. I also directed many to PAFT as they also allow Pre-PAs to join. Perhaps with the increasing amount of PA programs and younger students out there that use social media (for just about damn near everything), we may get a stronger and more unified voice about what we are trying to become both as professionals and providers. Fingers crossed
  10. While I can understand and agree with you there, as I've highlighted; the AAPA is not merely people. An association that supposedly represents nearly 100k professionals would do well to actually wait to get feedback from those they represent before making a political statement that proves to be a very divisive topic. Especially at a time when a group like the AAPA desperately needs to come across as unified.
  11. Does anyone from MO (besides me) know if governor Nixon has the ability to line item veto?
  12. It already passed the Senate...it's in the house now I believe Interesting choice of language though. They have offered this giant golden egg with the collaboration agreement. Yet they choose words such as "certain graduates" and "temporary assistant physician license". What limits are these going to be? Could this be saying that in the case of a one-year long "temporary" license, a practice could hire a new graduate that doesn't place each and every year and pay rock bottom compensation?? Edit: If you read a few paragraphs down you see the brief sentence about PAs being Healthnet providers. For APs it's "Collaborative agreement", but for a PA it's "under supervision"...
  13. I suppose you are correct...however, I'm just tired of every single thing being political. Why the pressure to have to choose sides for every single thing? Why can't we just be able to say, "look, that's not what I do. I just want to do my job." Call it burying your head in the sand if you will, but the AAPA seems to have a lot more pressing issues to worry about...
  14. Agree...Although it is a PAs duty to actively treat, counsel, etc. It is in no way related to the description of a PA to speak out or take action involving anything to do with civil or criminal rights that is not directly related to a patient.
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