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PA owned practice in California?

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Anyone out there that is actually doing this? I am rather confused after some internet searching about owning a practice in CA.  Can I own 49% and my husband own the rest? 


I am looking to open a small, part time consultative practice (no primary care) and hire my SP as an independent contractor.  (Using hire loosely please don't flame me for this - looking to compensate a physician in some way by providing supervising services remotely).


Appreciate any direction in advance, thank you 

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I researched this a while back when my SP wanted me to partner up with him to start this practice. From what I can gather, a PA canNOT be a partner in a medical practice. We can be a partner in a "professional medical corporation" I ultimately just opted to be an employee. I think you can be up to a 49% partner at a "professional medical corp" but the 51% controlling partner must be a physician or a combination of physicians totalling 51% or more.


Here is the statement from AAPA. Look up California.



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