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Letter of rec from FORMER personal provider

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I've asked several admissions contacts from the programs I'm interested in, but I have been getting mixed answers!!! Some say, "go with the person who knows you best," others say, "it's ok but it needs to remain professional" etc. Others even say "we like "professional, academic, and character references." Even looking on this forum I believe there are different answers out there. So I will throw this question out there again: is it okay if I have a recommendation from an MD who used to be my personal provider? He WAS my pediatrician, so he knows me quite well. He could also speak for my academics to some extent. On a more professional level, I have also shadowed him for about 25 hours. My other letters of reference are coming from my work supervisor and a PA. I'm kind of worried because I asked the PA since he offered to write me one, but I only know him from shadowing. 

My other option is an NP. She knows me quite well also. 


Or should I ask one of my professors?!?! Since my HCE is the weakest part of the app, I assumed it was better to have a reference from someone who can speak about my capability as a provider/PA verses my academics. I don't mind asking one of my professors. 


So bottom line: former personal MD whom I've shadowed, NP who I shadow, or professor for my last rec? Thank you! 

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Here is a good model for 3 references:


1. Someone who knows your academic performance

2. Someone who knows your work ethic

3. Someone who knows your patient care skills.


I don't think that it's a good idea getting letters from people who don't know you well. After all, what can they say about you that means much?


In my case, I picked my organic chem prof, a friend who worked with me for a few decades, and the chief of my EMS unit. 


It doesn't so much matter how people met you; you want people who can say things about you that you couldn't say about yourself!

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