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  1. Hi there- Anyone have good recommendations for CME conferences for the GI PA? I've been to GUILD, which was fantastic. I heard about the AGA Principles of GI for the NP and PA in Denver this year as well as the annual GHAPP (Gastroenterology and Hepatology Advanced Practice Providers) conferences in Las Vegas. Anyone have any information on those and whether or not they were worth it? I get one covered CME conference a year so I'm trying to make the most of it, lol. If there's others anyone recommends to, I'm all ears! Thanks
  2. I am staying with a first year student through their student host program since I am from out of state. There might still be student hosts available but you have to email the class VP; the info is on the Baylor interview website.
  3. Does anyone also know if you are able to switch interview days? I got invited to interview with Group A, but when I filled out the response form, I asked if I could go with Group C instead since I'm going to be flying in & can't take too many days off of work. I haven't heard anything from them about whether or not it was do-able and I don't want them to think I'm not interested in interviewing period!
  4. Bump this thread? I second sakoselig's questions. Any takers? I recently got accepted and am making my final decision between this and another program soon.
  5. Hey I'm staying at the holiday inn x-press Friday (Oct. 3) night!!! I may be meeting a friend but am game for meeting up. Fakingpatience, I expressed an interest in the Hawaii program since I'm from Hawaii and currently live there.
  6. I got invited to interview as well by email today! I plan to sign up for 9/8 due to my work schedule, but am wondering if I should try to get someone to cover for me so I can interview during one of the August dates? I'm probably just being paranoid that they will fill up a lot of spaces by then, lol. I'm also from out-of-state so it would be less stressful for me if I had more time to organize my travel plans.... Nonetheless, excited and grateful!! Good luck to everyone!
  7. Hi, I've submitted and had my app verified but want to expand the list of schools I'm applying to. In theory, Pacific's organ/systems based curriculum sounds like it would be better for me in terms of my learning style. I'm just basing that off of my past Biology and Anatomy/Physiology classes though... anyone with experience that can discuss the pros and cons vs. a traditional curriculum where it is broken up like "microbiology" "pathology" "pharmacology" etc.? Would really have loved to go to a Pacific open house but sadly I'm out of state. Does anyone know of other schools that structur
  8. Yes, but they are not even provisionally accredited yet so their caveat is if accepted you have to be aware that they might not even get provisional accreditation, and then you'd have to have a backup. Verbatim from their website: In the event Chapman University is not awarded accreditation for its Physician Assistant Studies Program in September 2014, the inaugural class will not matriculate in January 2015. Therefore, candidates who accept a seat for the inaugural class are doing so with the understanding that the program will begin contingent on successfully being awarded the stat
  9. Hi, I've asked several admissions contacts from the programs I'm interested in, but I have been getting mixed answers!!! Some say, "go with the person who knows you best," others say, "it's ok but it needs to remain professional" etc. Others even say "we like "professional, academic, and character references." Even looking on this forum I believe there are different answers out there. So I will throw this question out there again: is it okay if I have a recommendation from an MD who used to be my personal provider? He WAS my pediatrician, so he knows me quite well. He could also speak for
  10. Hi, Sorry, I'm hijacking this thread bc my question is somewhat relevant. Basically, I'm getting mixed responses on whether or not I should address the 2 W's on my transcript in my personal statement, or wait until it is brought up in the interview (if I get one). I got one in organic chem A, and the other in biochem. I retook organic chem A, but didn't retake biochem. In hindsight, I probably should've just stuck with them the first time because I was getting a C+, but hindsight is 20/20 right? Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance.
  11. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Chapman University's PA program (other than what is posted on their website)? Thought I could start a thread because I haven't seen any so far. It looks like the program will be matriculating their first class in January 2015. Some interesting features to point out are that they don't seem to have any required HCE hours, but require 50 hours of documented PA shadowing. They also require a Medical Ethics class as a prereq which I feel is unusual. Since they also have a bridge program that accepts undergrads directly from Chapman, I can't he
  12. I would also highly recommend the Manhattan Prep 5lb book of problems ($20). I used it and was pretty happy with my score (over 85th percentile in both sections). Their list of most commonly used vocab words is pretty spot on, and they have several practice verbal and quantitative sections (in addition to full tests) that are very similar to the real thing.
  13. fakingpatience, I heard that too! According to the CASPA website, you can designate additional schools after you have initially submitted if you did want to apply to certain schools earlier. However, I don't think you can make changes to your CASPA once you submit to one school, so it wouldn't matter either way because I couldn't edit my HCE hours in August for those non-rolling schools anyways.
  14. Thanks so much for your responses! Incredibly helpful. I've been corresponding with some of the admin contacts about prereqs and HCE, so I can ask them about this too and what they advise is best... hopefully I'll get a response lol. I'll ask if sending the supplemental letter will be considered and put in with my application or disregarded as excess. Either way, it can't hurt! Thank you both!
  15. Hi, New poster to this forum, but gearing up to apply this next coming cycle (1st time). I don't want to offend anyone if this topic has already been covered, but I have been scouring the message board and there's SO MANY posts to wade through. I was planning to submit my CASPA pretty early, like May or June. Judging by all the stats posts on here, I believe my application is OKAY, not phenomenal, but the weakest element is definitely HCE. I was really interested in doing an international medical mission that would allow me to get some HCE abroad in an underdeveloped nation (I went to Hondura
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