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GRE Score opinions

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I was hoping you guys could give me your opinion on whether or not I should send my GRE scores to programs that do NOT require them?


My scores are: 151 V (49th %), 154 Q (57th %), 5.5 W (97th %).


Basically, I don't know if these scores will help or hurt my chances of getting into programs that don't require the GRE. Any input would be appreciated...thanks!

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The advice above is good - don't bother sending them if a school does not want them. You can always bring a paper copy of your scores to interviews.


As scores go, those are pretty good. When I evaluate applicants, I like them to be at least be around middle of the pack (50%ile). GRE scores are good for identifying outliers and they help to assess candidates with degrees from schools that the admissions committee are not familiar with.


Finally, GRE scores also help identify people who struggle with standardized tests. I would not consider this a deal-breaker for getting into PA school, but since the PANCE/PANRE is a big, ugly standardized test it helps to know who might struggle to identify strategies to address the problem.

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