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Does this school fit me??

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Hello, I am a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and am planning to become a PA but do not know which of the 5 schools (I don't plan on going to Malcom X) would best fit my personality and my learning style.


In terms of how I would like the learning style to be:


- not too fast paced or hard to keep up in where I will feel drained and very stressed out. I have anxiety disorder so I'm trying to find a school where the class and assignment schedule is balanced and not hard enough where I will be ripping my hair out.


-for there to be opportunities to practice what I learn in an interactive setting, whether it be computer-based or face-to-face interaction with my peers and teachers.


--I would also like the school to have ample resources to where I can get help needed for something and that will allow me to be successful 


Again, for me one of the most important points is for the curriculum to not be so fast-paced, overwhelming since I have anxiety disorder and easily get stressed out.


Thank you! 

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Sorry, you can see my post under MW forum. Jumped the gun. But just to add...no program will be a good fit for you for the reasons other people mentioned. Unless you are made out of stone, how can you not get freaked out when you have two exams same morning back to back (like we do in a few days)! And as far as help, this is not undergrad. Nobody will hold your hand 24/7. You will get help to a point, but if cannot make it through, you will last a quarter, and that is it.

I truly hope it works out for you, one way or another!

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This book may help. It's called Study Without Stress: Mastering Medical Sciences. It was written for med school students, and it's mainly about how to schedule your time during school, maintain your discipline and teaches you how to study without stressing and cramming. I didn't take the advice until 2nd didactic semester, and it certainly helped take away the stress related to the study schedule. On the flip side, I specifically remember taking my OSCE/DPSE (the one that decides whether or not you go to clinicals), and being able to feel my head bob because my blood pressure was so high. So maybe work on finding coping skills that work for you? I dunno.


ISBN: 0761916792

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