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penn state pa program interviews

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I heard this program might not even make it through it's first year. I too thought the interview process was nice, but after talking to some insiders.. their accreditation doesn't look like it will hold through the year. This doesn't happen often, but from what I understand they aren't meeting certain codes and everyone who attends might be completely s*it out of luck come next year. Its a risk you have to take with a completely new program though. I'm not telling anyone anything to do but I'm going to withdraw my acceptance. Just a word of advice. Good luck to everyone. 



Through the ARC-PA, the Physician Assistant Program at Penn State College of Medicine has received the highest accreditation granted to new programs. The Penn State community is anxiously awaiting the arrival of our inaugural class.


Freudian_Slip, I am unsure of the intent of your post as your assessment of our accreditation and admissions offer are inaccurate.


At present, Penn State has no outstanding admission offers on the table. If there is anything you'd like to discuss, please feel free to contact the Program directly. We would be glad to speak with you.  


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