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  1. No luck finding one in hawaii yet.. anyone have leads? Tripler told me they don't take anyone not from Pacific U. :-/
  2. I'm currently struggling to find one myself. Have you had any luck?
  3. I GOT ACCEPTED!!! UGH SO EXCITED! Now i gotta tell my other school I will not be attending! So excited! This is such an honor! Any facebook groups or anything created yet??
  4. anybody interviewing 11/18? EXTREMELY nervous about this!! probably more than any other interview this year. I know they're really laid back and I shouldn't be nervous but it is inevitable! I know they honor their Jan deadline, I just hope an interview invite this late isn't necessarily a bad thing!
  5. I sent everything in months ago.. but I never received an email saying "completed"... did others get this email? I just figured they got everything because I talked to an admission coordinator that ironically left the job that day. But she said it was all done but I never got an official email.
  6. everyone is saying "usc" here.. but one is really saying why.. i get that the PANCE is EXTREMELY important.. but why else SPECIFICALLY??? anyone?
  7. Interview invite for Sept 19th at St. Croix. Anyone else? I'm trying to get as much info about this specific campus as possible. Help?
  8. Video conferencing seems like it wouldn't be very rewarding? And St. Criox only has 20% of actual physically present professors? Am I reading that correctly? Also, no cadaver lab or sim lab?
  9. Hey all who got accepted... here's our FB group! Join!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/298699273651340/
  10. I talked to them and they said 50th percentile or higher is what they look for on the GRE
  11. Still hopeful for my supplemental.. i got one last year but no interview.. this year my apps improved a lot but I still haven't heard :(
  12. the purpose of the writing sample is just to make sure you have a higher level of writing. i don't think its scored so much on content as it is grammar and spelling.
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