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  1. tunafish

    New Grad ER Position

    yes and no. you are working less shifts but you are working 12s... this is a day and and a half of regular work, plus nights. there are plenty of places with no pto but no pro should be compensated by higher hourly rate
  2. this is absurd. 7-5 is 1.2 FTE plus tons of call. I work in gen surgery on the weekends and sometimes that call is nothing for the docs and sometimes they are in the hospital from friday night to monday morning. if you like the group you can counter - they want you to work 10 hour days - then you work 4 days a week. Fair and square. call should be paid separate, rate to carry a pager and rate and minimum hours to come to the hospital as needed. Every one on OR teams work that way - anesthesia, RNs, surg techs and docs know it oh so well. They take weekend call to make more money. "But you are a provider..." talk does not apply here. we are not compensated half a mil a year to have above hours and lifestyle
  3. tunafish

    FPAR/OTP Passed!

    Where did it pass? Can't google the news
  4. tunafish

    EM experience

    thank you for your input. my main question wether UC experience in your CV as looked at as "soft" for subsequent EM positions search
  5. tunafish

    EM experience

    I am in need of your advise, ladies and gentlemen! I have about a year of good ED experience with good references, not a fast track, community ED with good hands on and decent doc support. Due to hospital sale I am in need to look for a new position. I feel like my experience made things more favorable in my job search since I get calls and interviews. From the current market situation it seems like I will need to move which is not a big deal but here is the current situation: I have a very lucrative offer from a well established corporate UC that will allow me to stay in place and have a seamless transition. It looks like they liked my candidacy based on my ER experience (at least I think it played a large role), so this is option number one. The interviews I have had in EDs will require move, to a less desirable locale by nature of the hospital location but would allow me to continue in main ED seeing good things. I specifically was looking at places that have no fast track. But there is a chance the money will be a bit less and there is a move etc. My main question is about future experience. Should I suck it up and put another solid year-two under my belt in a main ED if I want to be in position to pick places and jobs later on in my carrier or you think have solid experience in UC is equally ok for future job searches. Thank you for any input. I know there is no clear answer. Personal stories are really appreciated.
  6. tunafish

    Scheduling Conflict

    Working for free is bad karma. Salary or no salary you were 1.2 FTE paid as 1.0. good for them bad for you. "I did not know it was an option" sounds too childish in my opinion. If you do not respect your time, no one would. Just look at nurses and learn good things from them. Time respect and duties respect are paramounts of nursing.
  7. Yeah, they come with their lac covered with a kitchen towel or a random paper napkin. the cut was over a dirty object and sterile gloves would make all the difference... give me a break
  8. tunafish

    CTs per 1000 ED pts

    I had 4 cases of terminal cancer in different parts of the gut discovered by CT in the last 6 months. Guy with lower GI bleed and pencil stools - 5 docs were poking in his belly for a year with their fingers - maybe colitis, maybe hemorrhoids etc etc. R/O spine fractures - you do films for the neck and miss a hairline Fx and that lawyer would chew your ass that you should have gotten CT. This is just a tool, just like US, Xray or your stethoscope. You can get KUB for bowel obstruction, but you will not know the transition point and it is much harder to track dynamics if you want to treat conservatively. What's wrong with CT. Radiation? There is no evidence it does anything (just read the article looking for evidence base for ALARA) Cost? Well, in my humble opinion salami slicing diabetic foot for 2 years and 20 surgeries that always end up BKA is much more waste let alone waste on bombing Iraq and Syria.
  9. tunafish

    Pimping by an attending

    The problem is in the lack of knowledge of PA profession by docs. In vast majority of cases I noticed the understanding is that we are there to make docs' life easier, do scut work and routine boring tasks. The language that gets me the most is "I do not expect you to see subtle lucency of hairline fractures or understand the calcification patters of malignant lung nodules"... like you frigging need a brain out-pouching feature to know this.
  10. tunafish

    Pimping by an attending

    I am not the only one, no one is willing to stand up for whatever reason.
  11. tunafish

    Pimping by an attending

    Thanks for all the input, I do not think I really want to switch jobs now. Just have to find a way to work it out with this doc. It just makes life much more toxic. This and listening how they are overworked and underpaid.
  12. Wonder if anyone had this and can share the thought on dealing with this crap. I work in ED, community hospital. no fast track, we all work from the same pile of charts with docs attending to the most acute cases. No residents in ED. I have one doc who thinks PAs are residents and it is OK to ask them to finish her procedures like lacs and I&Ds. What's more annoying is that whenever I have a question or need to her to clear the x-rays, there is never a straight answer but rather a pimping session in front of RNs and such. It is usually done in a patronizing and condescending tone and I guess the feeling is like "I bestow my wisdom upon thee" and it is ok for this doc to say - "hey, go read this and that and you will tell me later". This game could be fun but more often than not, when we are knee deep in it, it is NOT. I am all about learning as I was an educator before PA also, but this crap gets old quick. I talked to that doc once saying I would appreciate a team and collaborative approach rather than being a "resident" to which the answer was "sure, but I NEED to know what you know and what you don't and PAs are in essence are glorified residents and basically it is sucks to be you, because we have 6 attending and all of them have different styles and you have to do what they want/like". I wanted to ask how this doc would like if cards or neuro consults would pimp her/him every time we place a call just to KNOW what they know, but I did not in order not to escalate further. What would you do? Am I overreacting?
  13. PA lic should be suspended and re-instated only after mandatory "PA as a profession" 40 hour course. How that is even possible. ER nurses on average have multiple shift a month compensated at 55-60 an hour
  14. tunafish


    who sees the rest of the common ER BS that comes through the door. It is hard to imagine a rural hospital with 12 its in 24 all of them being stroke/trauma or true cardiac emergencies. What happens with grandmas with "I'm no feeling myself tonight"
  15. tunafish

    PANCE score = Job opportunity?

    Wow!!! Are you opposite gender with a doc?

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