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I am a nurse applying for PA school. I know I can get an LOR from my close friend who is also a fellow RN on the same unit. We also went to school together so she can say quite a bit from different angles. I can also get an LOR from one of my professors, an NP at the same college. However I am in a jam because I have only a few hours of shadowing a PA and MD(same clinic) and feel awkward asking them. So idk what to do for my third LOR. I can squeeze a few more hours with the PA and MD but still it wouldn't be more than 50hrs. The MD knows me from the hospital though, so he has seen me take care of patients. But still would feel like a jerk at this point to ask lol.

I am wondering if asking one of the charge nurses or even another nurse colleague would be appropriate? I can squeeze in another nursing professor, as quite a few of them I got real close to. It's been a long time since I took science courses so I l don't feel good about going looking for those professors, if I can avoid it. Any suggestions what would look best?



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